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  1. Wildey says goodbye

    FINALLY! About TIME this miniature adult left! I guess I will miss how easy you where to knife, I will also miss uploading your profile pics for you, I will also miss you targeting me in ZAM as hard as you physically could, AND I will miss secretly spe... Actually nvm.. But legit boyo. You where a blast and one out of a very small handful of my best friends. You taught me everything I know about knifing, you where one of the best out of the UU-K clan. (Back when you had to be good at that type of thing) *NOTE THERE ARE CURRENTLY AMAZING NEW KNIFERS IN UU-K AND SOME WHO SHOULD BE IN* You where not offended easily and could take a joke. And you have been just an amazing friend to me. So thanks for all of that Wildey, hope to see you in game some more. Any game will suffice, have a good one. P.S. I have nothing to do with the note left under your pillow or the goat in your shed, if it has my name on it, I am being framed.
  2. Happy birthday you knifing beast.
  3. Happy birthday, stlmokevin!

    GG Kev! I remember when you were just a 32 year old. They grow up so fast D': I need a moment!
  4. December Tournaments

    Question, for the Run & Gun are we allowed to use adapt? As well as nighthawk? Or is it knife and gun only?
  5. ZAM is strong

    You're alive? Could ya like, say hi to a nigga? As for what Kevin said. People need to realize that with great change, comes great sacrifice. Yeah we lost some things here and there, but with all these updates and new recruits ZAM is getting it's gonna be stronger than ever.
  6. can we stop this please?

    Downvote does NOT equal the person personally hating you. It means they don't like what you had to say. It's kinda like criticism, and I love criticism, cause without it I'd just be this annoying cunt. See Facebook? See how there is no downvote option? Notice how half the people who post on it say worthless shit that looks like someone with an IQ of 80 wrote it? "One million likes and I will clean my room" "5 likes and I will show my dick" BITCH! show it anyway! They don't know to do so without downvote options. TL:DR Downvote is a way of saying "change what you post" and without it everyone would be posting stupid shit and not getting punished and or criticized.
  7. Low ping right here

    I'm attracted to him! I'm attracted to everyone though cause I'm a little slut. But I can't say he isn't a cutie.
  8. It's been really fun. :'D

    Well, the name of the topic is a good hint of what is about to go down. This is Fluttershy/Fluffle Puff retiring. (if members even are considered retired) If it's not retiring than I am for say, "quitting/resigning" my position as member. I just can't play multiplayer games anymore. Too many trolls that just aren't worth my time and stress. On another note I will be having school coming up and I'd also like to clock more hours in at work. It was a fantastic ride from start to finish as a part of UU. But my time has come, and I will be needing to say goodbye to all who enjoyed my company. I will still keep my favorites as friends on steam. And the ones who were nice and all. I would go through a list of how I feel about you all but that's a bit cliche and I'd much rather just do it in TS. As for UU-K I'm not sure who would be the second US tester. With everything I will have to be doing I wont really have time to test people out ect. I hope I served many of you well. You might still see me in the shadow's or something, probably hiding in the window curtain. Hope this community get's even more fantastic members! You all have a good one. And that's all I have to say about that. -Forrest Gump. Yours truly, Fluttershy.
  9. A new gun for Scout class

    Forget the AWP, Auto Sniper is what we need. Make it 50pts so we can buy it off of spawn and make it do 600dmg.
  10. New picture whit 4 friend

    You have given me courage to post a piece that I finished after many years of work. Thank you for showing me your work, I hope you like mine Devine.
  11. Shit ping..

  12. Name change!

    WTF? Your Emocon mood is amused?! YOU'RE TOYING WITH MY EMOTIONS AND YOU'RE AMUSED?!?! WTF GUY!?
  13. UU-K Update!

    @Bloody Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you! 15+ people needing to be tested by only one Flutter is a tad difficult. You saved me from overheating. Thank's man!
  14. What happened.

    I just woke up to a TERRIBLE leg cramp! That aside, Hunting my boy. I love your accent and voice, you're friends with Vii so you're friends with me, I like friends, I like you. I wouldn't say they should let you back in immediately, but doesn't anyone think at least a second chance should be available to him?! Let the man prove he was what he was when he first joined, let the man show he really CAN be a good admin! LET THE MAN RISE PEOPLE! FREE THE BLA...... Sorry, I get carried away. I think you should get a second chance Hunt. :3
  15. Kid crying on Xbox live!

    LOL, a little boy in distress! Whats not to love about someone having a bad day all in 360p! 1/10 would watch again. Shout box is worthless for links inside spoilers such as this, I advise everyone to make a post about your special video.