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ZAM is strong


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Hello fellow ZAMers,


The fairy squad mother has a brief public statement to make about ZAM and our community as a whole. First thing's first though:


1.) The community is NOT dying, collapsing, drying up, (insert your verb here)...

If anything ZAM has done extremely well this year as a whole. If your judging ZAM by your amount of communication with the Owner, or the few times you've played lately, your tripping. The new version has been relatively bug-free (with the exception of a few), and has introduced things that changed the gameplay in positive and exciting ways. (new maps, skins, etc.)


2.) If you make a post that falls along the lines of "ZAM is dying", then your most likely doing so because you think it makes you influential in some way, or because the few times you've played you didn't do very well. Play more. I swear, people making these posts are doing it for the same reasons people still add a cat image as their avatar. People jump on bandwagons, even if they make no sense whatsoever. Don't be one of those people.


3.) Indy is a big boy. He made his own bed. (have you seen his abs? holy shit) I think losing Indy on the staff team was a great loss, but I respect his decision to step back. You need to start looking at the big picture here people. ZAM is not going to live or die based on any person that isn't Classixz. Class has a life outside of ZAM. Respect that sometimes he needs a break as well. If something game-breaking comes along, he'll fix it. Otherwise lay off the guy.


Right now I'm focused on new players, and keeping the servers clean and fun for everyone. I don't care if your staff, members, or just regular players; if your only intention is to hop on the servers and shit on people when your doing good or bad, then I will handle you accordingly. Lets keep ZAM fun for everyone.



Rant over.




If you are somehow offended by this (@hunting) than your probably the type of person we don't need on the servers anyways.

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Kevin, I don't think him disliking your post means he's offended, and that's jumping to a conclusion which - under normal circumstances - would be wrong, but given the situation it's understandable. It could be that he just disagrees with what you said. A downvote serves different purposes.


Also, I'm not going to say what I think of all of this (yet) because I honestly don't feel like it, and I've already said what I think about most things.

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Pff yea im back so we gonna go back to how it was before


You're alive? Could ya like, say hi to a nigga?




As for what Kevin said. People need to realize that with great change, comes great sacrifice. Yeah we lost some things here and there, but with all these updates and new recruits ZAM is getting it's gonna be stronger than ever. 

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Zam isent dying, everyone is just there waiting for everyone to connect. Kevin and i, u have no ideas how much times we joined with bots and ended the nigth with 10,15 people on the week, everyone wants to play they just need the motivation to join to start the "join train"

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