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  1. Your in-game name: Eilah. Your Steam profile link: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198208545183/ What country are you from?: Palestine How much do you play ZAM?: Not less than 2 hours daily. Have you read and followed the requirements?(Yes/No): Yes.
  2. Hello guys, I was wondering if some things would be added to the shop in ZAM for zombies and survivors. And I got some ideas that you might like . Zombies Shop: Adding some things would make it more fun to be zombie and a survivor, just like: 1) Adding a limb which can push the survivor, (costs around 300-500) 2) Adding a counter_spy plane, (costs around 700-900) 3) Adding a knife that zombies can buy just like SOG knife, (costs around 700-900) Survivors Shop (Hunters) 1) Adding Intervention, (costs around 900-1200) 2) Adding an extra barricade that's tilted, and it would be better if you can add 2 of the tilted barricades 1 of them is tilted to right side and the other barricade is tilted to the left side. (costs around 120-140 for each barricade) 3) Adding a perk which can let the survivor cade and open the shop faster (am not really sure about this, but it seems interesting for me) (costs around 450-550). This can work is a way which is like this: after buying this perk, you can press 8 or any number Classixz and other staff members choose, let's for now say it's 8. After pressing 8 you loose 200 points and it does a double stack and maybe #9 for T-cade. Or maybe adding this to the builder class which you can press 8 for double stack and 9 for T-cade. Here are my suggestions, there are a lot more but I want to see what do you think of these, thanks for reading! I hope to see you replying of whatchya thinking about them
  3. I was playing ZAM and I saw something which made me think maybe it's a mistake. I was in map Nuketown and I saw a spot where Hunters can get to by Barricades, but the thing I think it's a mistake is that zombies can easily get the Hunters without getting to them the same way the Hunters went there. This is what I mean, http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/359527056806791685/899D7B3E75E46A17B6E2C9180ED4C063623BE805/ If hunters were standing where that zombie was standing, zombies can kill him by standing on that jeep and then jump and then knife which will reach the hunter and kill him. Which I think it's a mistake. http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/359527056806790438/18AE3372CE7745B626E4B0294E351EA78BDA5633/ and as you see here it's not really hard to get him. Thanks for reading, I wish this can be fixed
  4. Ye I meant that and I finally know how to find them in my files, thanks everyone
  5. Before I had recorded so many gameplays in ZAM. I was recording them as demos, but after that I couldn't find the demos. So I was wondering maybe 1 of you guys might know how and can help me . Thanks
  6. It's so confusing, some players say it's allowed and some say it's not, so I want to make sure if it is allowed or not. http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/359526106539226772/077D512BF184B1833B41A03FC94722C251409CAB/ http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/359526106539230138/6F0B339F6E2468EAA3E3D20048843E1C68E0C579/ http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/359526106539231726/80489BCB35D968C7A3746DD310AEC9124B196DB4/
  7. Sry for the title it's not about KEkS_ it's about DRAGON RUS 86. So now there are 2 reports 1 about KEkS_ and 1 about DRAGON RUS 86 rq. I don't know why did it reply to this but I wanted it to be another report...
  8. Did DRANGON RUS 86 rq? This player left as a zombie when it was less than 11 zombies. screens: http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/395552769141059474/324FA418790CA6FA902DF0498D5CF800317B5AAA/ http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/395552769141058183/A203E3143E453849E2D2B428B225A10B29F9D4B8/
  9. This player rq (left under 11 zombies) This happened before 3-4 minutes. proofs: http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/395553315338471104/226174B6CE5DC69E594260F989EBC54F8BC8A82A/
  10. Arguments: Arlington skin: 1-Most players use this skin to go to places where we can't reach them, where we can just limb... 2- The other most thing that they choose the Arlington skin for is to use the jetpack and fly to other people's camp and take their kills. _Misty skin: The misty skin is to let people have fun WHILE they are running, but now they choose it and camp all the time... And as it's version 9 now in ZAM the bowie knife have been placed by a normal knife that's faster... but some people (like me) bought the misty because of the bowie knife.
  11. Hello! This is me App!eoN*! I have been playing BO1 for a long time, but then i got VAC banned because my small brother used a goddamn camo hack... So after almost 2 years am back! I left console gaming for a little so i could get back to the lord of CODs :) I used to be a pretty decent sniper and joined the best clans, but the move to PS4 made me forget all the muscle memory for it :P I have been from the first players in ZEM, and ofc since it shut down, i had to move to ZAM. Tbh both are special by different varieties and I like both a lot! So you could call me Apple, or Appleon, whatever you like best :) Most of the times my little brother, 11 years old, will be playing, so please be gentle with him :3 Every time a game starts and am playing i will type this "Appleon in de house!" so you could know :3 Thanks for stopping by, am also willing for knowing y'all :) Appleon out!
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