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  1. Startune My heart is broken.? Why are you doing this ??
  2. Hey. My name is Alex. I am 16 years old. In the game I'm known by the nickname Say Meow (PanIc).I have an annoying brother . Previously it only bothered me , but now it will annoy people on the servers of the undead uprisingI am very kind and sociable. A lot of time I spend on servers . My girlfriend also likes to play on ZAM servers) , but only on my computer .But soon she will begin to play on her PC. I hope you enjoy my girl. With love Your meow
  3. I know that Startune good guy. But I did not expect this from him. Fine words my friend You would be a good philosopher ) ) I do not think that the new system is worse than the old. I think we need new clan members . This does not necessarily have to be 14 year old boys . I understand that I am not an adult that would discuss it . But the clan need more people who are older than 16 years. I think that my opinion does not mean much . But everyone has the right to express their opinion? Do not judge strictly if I said something wrong
  4. Meow :3 
    My Mood: (sad)
    Why servers lagging? ;-( 

    1. BrEn!


      Meow down, it's all going to be ok.....

  5. Yes, I agree with you) This video very sexy
  6. I bought a new mouse. Does not work. Everywhere it works well. Why it works badly in Call of duty? Lagging... please help ((Kitten sad ((Meow (
  7. Wow wow wow wow Knifing like a god
  8. @The One Patriot Ofc man) We can on US or on EU. Newer mind
  9. Guys. This weekend I will be doing my first video . Yes, this weekend will be hot : D. But I do not want to shoot the video alone(( Maybe somebody wants to do it with me ?) We can be contacted using the TS3 or STEAM.
  10. I think it is useless to give the bots in SNIFE Karambit. After all, they can not change weapons ?!
  11. Guys! I moved to Switzerland! Only a few years. I think I can forget about school for the next 10 months)) But I have a question. Why when I go to the server console shows that I was from Russia? Maybe because my computer from Russia?
  12. Kevin. It does not have to be bright fog. For example looks good red fog)
  13. Black fog ... Oh, my God. I think the fog should be changed. Too much black. Black zombies, which is not visible in the fog. Black barricades. Too gloomy (( It would be possible to change the background, not only on the thematic holidays. It would be interesting to play. And mod would look cool)What do you think guys?
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