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  1. Wizard Camper

    And in the chat he covered his afking by saying "How did you die? "
  2. Wizard Camper

    Their in-game name: Lil' Trump Server: EU Time of incident: 7:45 EST Proof (Images/Videos): Extra: He then said, "back," after I called him a camper. Then he said, "how did you die," then, "OH MY BROTHER!!!" xd
  3. Wizard Camper

    Somehow I bypassed the under review warning... I had my wizard tp there and he saw it when he was survivor so he camped there for when I wanted to tp. Also, how could I get there in 2 seconds? 3.2 - 1.2
  4. Their in-game name: Lil' Trump (also) Patoche Poutine Server: EU Time of incident: 3:20 or 4:20 EST Proof (Images/Videos):
  5. Fraued!

    Don't worry, man. The Staff know what they're doing
  6. [Class] Prestige

    [VIP] Prestige 1. Extra Small Crosshair [250] - You have to have Small Crosshair first and then you can upgrades it with then making all guns have the Small Crosshair as a pistol with Small Crosshair. I.E. Sniper, Akimbo. 2. Silencer [300] - Adds a silencer to your gun if it can. 3. Cube Barricade [90] - A 1x1 barricade, having the length of a PCade and a height of a Normal Cade. This is so you can see in the cracks inbetween the walls and the barricade like the PCade, while still having the ability to look above it. (Not sure on cost. 4. Pack-a-Punch [1000-2000] - Paps any bo1 gun. Some guns will take more money IE m1911 will cost 2000. 4.5. Zombie Shield [500] - You have to have limb protector, and it must be charged, but then this adds a one extra hit per purchase. If limb pro is broken, you cannot buy this. Only if have you have a charged limb pro can you purchase this. (Sorry for saying that twice I just wanted to make it clear :D) The 4.5. is backup for 4. in case you didn't like that idea.
  7. Cade Break

    szakacsti Broke my cades Eu Server 7:15 EST
  8. Why im sorry to ZAM

    Zombie Banning him would probably make him just leave after first infected then there would be 1 less zombie and make it unfair for the zombies remaining.
  9. Why im sorry to ZAM

    I notice you rage quit all the time. P.S. Why would they unban you?
  10. .

    I disagree.
  11. Im on 1st at ZAM!

    That changes a lot but if you held it for like a week or two that would be more significant. But don't listen to me I'm no admin.
  12. LET'S PLAY ZAM!!!1

    Sorry ?
  13. LET'S PLAY ZAM!!!1

  14. LET'S PLAY ZAM!!!1

    Ok that was just uncalled for.
  15. LET'S PLAY ZAM!!!1

    ? I wasn't trying to be negative. I was just saying that ZAM should have more people on to always have a lot of people. (Because it's so great of course :P)
  16. LET'S PLAY ZAM!!!1

    It's sad we have to do stuff like this to get a lot of players on, but good job! I'll set a reminder for ZAM on Jan 26.
  17. Zombied bc restroom issues

    I am zombie every game for 1.5 days because I had to get up to use the restroom I went afk as a survivor and came back with the LOST CONNECTION TO HOST error at the main menu of multiplayer I came back right after and tried to play but it called me a bad player. I should have just left as I was a survivor but I believed that I could have made it back in time to still be alive. P.S. if you believe me please give me a trophy as a symbol of fighting for me being un-zombied. P.S. I believe the admins will be reasonable but I just wanted to show that there were infact people in the game with me and saw me say I gotta go to the restroom.
  18. Banned for game crash

    They should have like a 3 minute wait for the ban unless the people come back which then fixes it.
  19. [ZAM]Back to the past

    Doesn't make it dumb.
  20. [ZAM]Back to the past

  21. RQ

    Their in-game name:Fossil3d Server:ZAM EU Time of incident: Today Proof (Images/Videos): He got killed, (centre of screen), left the game, (bottom left).
  22. How to get big money

    Points won't become the paper money but they can be called Money.
  23. How to get big money

    1. Buy mvp 2. Buy the thing in the sky that shoots zombies 3. Buy barricades so the zombies don't get you while they get shot but the flying thing in the sky P.S. as you can see I am getting big +200 and small +100 on my screen as the nazi zombies get shredded.
  24. How to get big money

    I mean it wont make it chocolate sprinkles but it will be called chocolate sprinkles.