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Found 156 results

  1. Truth or Dare?

    Hello fam. I suppose I have some explaining to do. You may notice my new status as "Retired Staff Member", and wonder what the heck happened. Well, drama happened. A whole lot of drama. Drama kills friendships. It causes people to say and do things that they know in their hearts aren't right. I've always tried to avoid drama. Or if possible diffuse it in the best possible way for everyone. I feel like recently I haven't been living up to my Head Admin duties. I was in a strange way depressed by our Communities resentment towards Class and Griggs. I couldn't and still don't understand how a group of people can side with someone who willingly left our community, then earned a ban, then tried propaganda tactics to force a return. (I should note that my opinion is not shared by many of my friends.) Indy at one point was a great asset to our Community, then he removed himself from it. He wasn't forced out, he left us. Then made some video's that were pretty disrespectful to Class. You might be frustrated with Classixz for not responding, I applaud his restraint. But some people are followers. They see the videos and talk to him and are convinced that he will be some great savior for ZAM. Let me tell you, even when Indy was here, he was barely here. He wasn't on the servers everyday putting in the work, but he put in work when he could. I can't take that away from him. In his prime, he did lots for this Community. But he also turned his back on it. Now he remembers the good times and wants to return by any means necessary.. I can honestly say that Indy was a friend of mine. He helped me in the past like he helped many of you as well. But Indy changed. And maybe i've changed as well. I was fed up with the in-fighting and rather than wait it out, I chose a different option. I chose to make a statement. This in-fighting has consequences. Sometimes unforeseen. I will never stop repping UU. UU and ZAM are my second home. They are my family. I will never leave, and I will never turn my back on you. I will continue to be on the servers and forums daily as usual. If I earn my respect back and feel like I'm worthy of a spot on the UU roster, then I will apply and go through the same process as everyone else to apply for membership. Start from the ground up. Earn it the right way. Until then you will see me like always, playing ZAM and helping when I'm able. Kevin
  2. Buying the same weapon

    While I was playing ZAM I wanted to be a pro, and the best way to be a pro is buying 3 aa12's. I attempted to do this and as I bought my 2nd aa12 I realized it only removed my weapon slot, leaving me with only 1 aa12, how was I supposed to hard camp with only ONE AA12? In all seriousness, buying 2 of the same weapon removes your weapon slot.
  3. My bug

    Always on map hanoi serwer kick me out game. Idk what do with this. pls help
  4. True love

    Awww look they died together!
  5. Platinum Weapons

    I think it would be cool if u will add the Storm PSR from the snife mod. Tell me what you think
  6. What I think

    Hello people of ZAM It's been a long time since I've made a post like this. Recently there's been alot of arguements about the UU community. You have the side who is for the new system and the side who are against it. There's also been alot of talk about inactive UU members and admins. So therefor I wanted to make this post. The headadmins have a couple arguements for why they should keep the new system. It's that there's one 'friends' group who has a problem with it. They are talking about my friendsgroup. This is a ridicilous statement because it's not only us. UU is one group. One voice. One community... Right? If that's the case how come only a few people have the right to bring in new people. Saying but there will be only friends supporting friends makes me mad. Because it's more than that. The old system was good because you actually would have to stand out. Be someone. Help try to be nice, be liked and show that you're really commited to this community... I've asked why we use this new system. The awnser was that this is better and that they know what they are doing and we need to expand. Why do I ask? Why expand. So people got their goal of becoming a UU member which is 90% of the community and than leave. I mean where's Abel Nox? And Estima? Mudder fragger?? They reached that and *poof* their gone. With the new system it's about wether you play and know the rules. So everyone can get in. How come it became so easy? That's not the only thing. It's destroying the community itself. You're telling us that we're expanding. But you're only breaking it apart and shrinking it. UU members used to have more than one job. Keep the servers clean from rule breakers (and help) and choose who was suited for UU members. I mean we were doing better back than had tons of applications and not 5 applications and 10 who are reposted. The people who didn't put time and effort in it we're rejected immidiatly. Friends of mine would go like ooh yea it took me 5 min than they would get rejected and blame the friendship thing. Well let me tell you this. I spend atleast a 45 min on my application. The applications I see now disgust me. They probably took less than 5 minutes to write. Like I said you had to be someone. Be a example not a follower. Be someone that people looked up to. I now just see people who are so lazy they just copy their previous application and get waiting for interview. I mean everyone looked up to indy. Look now I don't know who to look up to now anymore? The creator? Our headadmins? Don't get me wrong. I've got the most respect for classixz and everyone else, you're all great guys. But no ones perfect.. So how come that only 3 people can decide better than 14? I'm just saying why are we doing this. It's ruining our community and we need to go back to our old system in my opinion and I'm requesting that. Admins are there to give the final shots the interviews. But the members. The ones that took some weight of the admins shoulders to help choose who is to become a part of this beautifull but for now broken community. You litterally removed a reason to play for members.. To judge and to form this community. Greetings, Startune.
  7. ZAM idea

    Ok so i taught about a knockable limb it cost 300 Points. Tell me what you think about it.
  8. Bye Bye ZAM !.

    Hello Guys its Kinder , today i take my decision , I LEFT ZAM , Because ZAM atm are not cool , + My reputation in zam are very Bad ... i started zam 26/02/2014 And i left zam today . BYE BYE ZAM /Classixz you can ban me .
  9. Zam Suggestion

    I'm here to suggest the !surrender command. Ok so it goes like this when the 4:30 time mark and someone cade at least 20 cades you will be able to use the !surrender command. The !surrender command will be available for ZAM members and above. Simple as it goes
  10. New Limb??

    Ok, so awhile back I remember playing this mod called Roll the Dice Mod. Basically what happened was that each time you spawned in you get a different feature, whether it be changing the way you see things, how fast you moved. One of the "Rolls" that caught my attention was one where a person could shoot and wherever their bullet impacted, they would be teleported to that location. What if we did that in ZAM, for around 1000 points a zombie could buy a teleport limb that moved them to the location it was thrown. Now I what almost everyone is going to be thinking: "too op omg" This type of thing wouldnt be too op, because lets be honest, if someone has 1000 points just lying around as a zombie, its probably from someone hard camping. This would be a method to help suppress hard camping to an extent, and I'm sure it wouldn't be too hard to add into the mod.
  11. New classes for ZAM

    Hello everyone, today i coined the few classes for ZAM, i think you will like it! Ok, lets start. [VIP] Ghost Ninga for 250. Balistick knife for 650. Dissaparation for 500. MSMC (Suppresor) for 600. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [MVP] Liquidator M1014 for 1000. Nuclear bomb for 3000. (It can be used once, this thing killing all zombies) KAP-40 with tactical knife for 700. Freeze Trap for 250. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [MVP] Elect Golden spoon (like in Mob Of The Dead) for 650. Zombies blood on 30 sec.(Player will be like on the zombie like in ZAM, that he could find the spot where he will camping, he can run on the map among the zombies also he cant killing them and it can be used once) for 1000. RPD for 1200. Ray gun x2 for 2500. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I will be happy if you liked this idea, thanks for reading!
  12. New Class

    Class-ShotMan: 1.AA-12-550 2.Mauser(the shotgun kind) 3.Slant Barricade-125 Points 4.Limb Protector-200 Requires-MVP
  13. Fairy Squad Mother is about to gush. I joined this community less than 2 years ago, on the 8th of June, 2014. Since that time, I've been a Guest, Regular, Member, Moderator, Senior Admin, and now Head Admin along-side @The One Patriot. Looking back, it feels like that time has come and gone very quickly. Almost 2 years should feel like a lot (to me), but it doesn't. This community has in a very real way become my second family. The friends that I've made here will transcend the video games we play together. I hit 1000 rep today. It's weird. Rep shouldn't mean that much, but it does. It means overall my opinions on these forums have been agreed upon 1000 times (at least). It's good to know the community you care so much for shows that love in return. To celebrate my little personal victory, I will tell you all how I came to ZAM and this community. I found ZAM during a transition in my life, leaving one major career for another and taking a huge risk in doing so. During this transition, my then 6 year old son Charlie (whom some of you now know and have played ZAM with) joined a modded server on Black Ops. It was ZAM. Charlie tells me it's fun, but people are using bad words I immediately kicked him off my computer and told him he cannot play ZAM anymore. That rule only lasted a few months, but I still don't allow him a headset. The cries are real But I'm the curious sort, so I joined the server and played a few rounds. I was addicted. I saw the messages about TeamSpeak, so I downloaded it and immediately started chatting up the staff and members, becoming fast friends with people I still to this day talk to. I've gained some responsibility since those early days, for my loyalty and presence in ZAM and this community. This has never been a burden to me, because I'm doing it to protect something I truly care about. Having people at my side like @The One Patriot helps with that. I'm not sure I would be the staff member/player I am today without Pat. He's truly a good friend of mine, a person who has also earned respect in this community for his skill and patience. (I could make an entire fanboy post about Pat without blinking probably). Having the trust and respect from @Classixz & @Griggs makes all the difference. Having you (the players) respect means everything. Thank you for being what I needed during many hard times and good ones. We're still growing as a community and will continue to do cool stuff together. ~Kevin PS- 1000 rep bish, get on my level.
  14. Frupiss's videos!

    Gonna be putting my daily videos what I upload on youtube channel. For those ->
  15. Creating your class

    This idea may seem difficult or not real, but still. How about each player could create a class for a certain amount. I would like to create your class. For a player with the status of MVP is not so easy to choose a class. For example: in the raven class has a Bowie knife and adapt, in the class wizard free teleportation, and the class cov-blodder there are also random knife. From these classes I would like to have 1. If the idea is implemented, I think classixz will get not a small sum XD
  16. New Class

    Galvler: 1.Random Ballistic Knife-Bowie Ballistic 30%,Sickle Ballistic%35 and normal ballistic 60%.- 800 pts 2.Galvaknuckles-400 pts 3.SR-71-400 pts 4.Weak Barricade half of the normal barricade health and also you cant buy a normal or standing barricade-50 pts
  17. New Class

    Galvler: 1.Random Ballistic Knife-Bowie Ballistic,Sickle Ballistic and normal ballistic.- 800 pts 2.Galvaknuckles-400 pts 3.SR-71-400 pts 4.Weak Barricade half of the normal barricade health and also you cant buy a normal or standing barricade-50 pts
  18. New Class (suggestion)

    Hello today i want to give a suggestion for the cold-blooded class 1.Misty will get more chances to get:Ballistic knife,Bowie Ballistic,Sickle Ballistic and karambit. 2.Cool idea for the bowie knife and sickle knife like the axis style.You can consume the knife you got for 250 pts.Cold Blooded
  19. Biggg laggg in ZAM !!! In the map NUKETOWN !!! 1/ 2/ 3/ 4/ 5/ 6/ 7/
  20. Automatic Rules for new players

    I think since there is alot of new players coming to ZAM i think there should be a screen full of all the rules. And it would be like when u want u to pass u can pass but when u dont want to pass u can read them then pass and play ZAM without breaking any rules. Hope u enjoy!
  21. Live Com ZOMBIE Gameplay?!

    Just had fun while chilling as zombie (no other way then be zombie ._.) Hope you enjoy this little edit from my only one record today and let me know how you feel about It! It's for fun and there Is no actual playing like getting shots or etc. .. Its mostly only about talking when I'm zombie.
  22. In-game Change

    Platinum Class In-game you can change the knife and the primary weapon. I think people would love this update to the platinum class it will be useful.
  23. In-game Change

    Platinum Class In-game you can change the knife and the primary weapon. I think people would love this update to the platinum class it will be useful.
  24. Hp Time System

    As we all know when u are the first zombie all u thinking bout is i need that hp to knife the knifers. But i have an idea for it. I think there should be a time limit for buying hp for example if the game is like 3 mins in u should be only able to buy 300hp and when there is last man 350 hp or 500hp then 5mins in to the game 500hp aswell or when ppl camping on the start then maybe 350hp or 400hp depends on the size of the game. And maybe knifers when they get like 3-5 knife kills they get an 400-500hp knife and then last survivors get a 500hp knife for running.