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KickArse 40% admin.

Guest KickArse

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Guest KickArse

In-Game Name:KickArse

Steam ID, XUID:1100010458f08e

Why do you want to become a moderator on our server(s)?:To help keep the servers clean from rule breakers.

Do you have any previous experience as admin/moderator?:Yes i was admin in Reform, and EPC server.

Do you have a mic?:Yepppp

How old are you?: 1998/06/30 (14)

What server do you want to become moderator for?: US or EU?:Eu server i already have moderator, looking for LVL 40 admin.

If you become a moderator, In what way will you help our servers?:I already do help the servers giving ideas making maps, helping to report rule breakers, and i will continue to do so.

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