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The life of classified.

AIR I Echo

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Credit goes to Anonymous for asking Classfied this, even though it was my idea. idea stealer.

Anonymous: do you watch porn classi

Classixz: no

Classixz: do you?

Anonymous: oh yes

Anonymous: who doesn't

Classixz: me making 1.5

Classixz: me no time

Classixz: :(

Anonymous: me no time too

Anonymous: unless it's night time

Classixz: :/

Classixz: gtg

Classixz: back soon

Anonymous: NOoooo

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12:10 PM - AIR | Echo: your watching porn too eh?

12:10 PM - Anonymous (1): aw ya

12:10 PM - AIR | Echo: what kind?

12:10 PM - Anonymous (1): the homosexual one

12:10 PM - Anonymous (1): i forgot what it called

12:11 PM - AIR | Echo: LOL, uu time.

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