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I got quite bored of the current map edit for Jungle, so I decided to re-create it. It is just slightly altered, but it's to the better.

games_mp.log file: http://speedy.sh/57AB8/games-mp.log

Edited code: http://pastebin.com/x1ZDPfWx

Bunker with one p-cade entrance.


Bridge with one normal cade entrance.


Blocked-off rock. The only thing you can do now is 4-stack in-front of the black barriers.


Room with 2 p-cade entrances.


These barriers are here to simply make camping on this long bridge possible. They've been here before.


Room with 2 p-cade entrances.


Room with a p-cade entrance and a normal cade entrance.


"Tunnel" which needs either p-cading or 2-stacking (p-cading makes it harder for you to survive).


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first picture brings back fun memories from ZEM, i wonder if you p cade there, if you can still strafe jump from the barrels on the outside onto the placed p cade.
i like the simplicity of the other bases as well, now we only need to figure out how to make a good base at the mine field :P

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