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Lol so i don't even know what i was chatting so i just wanted to make this kid confused. TehScoper (me) iTheo (MC Lonely player.)

TehScoper: ITHEO!

iTheo: wat

iTheo: i play hexxit on mc

iTheo: omfg

TehScoper: lol

TehScoper: well goood fucking morning to youh then

iTheo: lol

TehScoper: lol

iTheo: its 3 oclock

iTheo: xD

TehScoper: LOL

iTheo: i woke up at 7

iTheo: lol

TehScoper: its 8:40 am

iTheo: ..

iTheo: wtf?

TehScoper: XD

iTheo: NO ?

TehScoper: YES!

iTheo: xd

iTheo: nope

TehScoper: xD

TehScoper: Yes

iTheo: u drunk

iTheo: xd

TehScoper: yes

TehScoper: i am

TehScoper: .

TehScoper: XD

TehScoper: i drunk wine doe.

TehScoper: XD

TehScoper: jk

iTheo: xD

iTheo: i drink not

iTheo: its shit

iTheo: xD

TehScoper: X

TehScoper: XD

TehScoper: not if u do it rig

TehScoper: right

TehScoper: yu were doing it wrong

iTheo: lol

TehScoper: you had need to throw a party.

iTheo: it taste so shit

iTheo: and

TehScoper: no

iTheo: none i know drinks

TehScoper: XD

TehScoper: Ok

TehScoper: well

TehScoper: imma play cod4 paintllb

TehScoper: paint ball

iTheo: k

TehScoper: lol

TehScoper: i had heard they implimented a new gun XD

iTheo: where

TehScoper: its called the SZ-04

TehScoper: on paintballl

iTheo: cod4?

TehScoper: yes

iTheo: ah

iTheo: NOICE

TehScoper: its a fucking SNIPER

TehScoper: IT IS LIKE 1000000000000 ACCURACY

TehScoper: Y U NO PLAU

TehScoper: PLAY

TehScoper: xD

iTheo: noice

iTheo: xD


TehScoper: th?

TehScoper: Dafuq is Th

TehScoper: XD

TehScoper: ?

TehScoper: WTF IS TH

iTheo: l

iTheo: let me play

iTheo: D

TehScoper: WAT IS IT

iTheo: i need mc playing


iTheo: idk


TehScoper: U

TehScoper: UU

TehScoper: UUU

TehScoper: i hax0r yuh

TehScoper: bruh

iTheo: dat rage

iTheo: :3

TehScoper: bic boi

TehScoper: lol

TehScoper: so

TehScoper: uhh,

TehScoper: derp?

TehScoper: :P

iTheo: lol

iTheo: WTF

iTheo: i thought u were another guy

TehScoper: want to derp.

iTheo: WTF13@@!?!

iTheo: @

TehScoper: LOL

TehScoper: dafuq

<This user is now offline>

Then he went offlline. I guess at some point he raged and got off just 'cause he played MC by himself. Poor idiot friend <3

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