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Free VIP?!


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So its been a while since we had a VIP lottery, So why not make one right now?

Price list:

7 Normal VIPS

2 VIP++

If its under 20 persons who wants to win, its going to be less vips to win.

Fill this out:


Your IGN:

Your XUID (/steamid):

A number between 1 - 3500:


If you have the same number as someone you will get a new number.

VIPs will be on our servers and activated 15-07-13.

Do not post other things than your form here, posting more then one form will get you disqualified.

If you already got VIP you will get VIP++, if not the 4 VIP++ gets to current VIP owners, it will go to the first 4 winners.

If you want to know anything more, send a PM to me and not in this thread.



Your IGN: FuckAina

Your XUID (/steamid): 11000010731292c

A number between 1 - 3500: 1337



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Guest Anonymous

Your IGN: Anonymous

Your XUID (/steamid): 1100001045fcb78

A number between 1 - 3500: 1338 (TROLOLOLOLOL)

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The number is already taken.
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