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Relationship Echo + Groggs

AIR I Echo

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Groggs: Hows the gurls in CA or where u live?

Groggs: Kk

Groggs: Plzz

AIR | Echo: lol depends on how you like them :o

Groggs: Any laid yet, son?

AIR | Echo: you single?

Groggs: Or still masturebatting to grannys old porno picas jam

Groggs: Ohh Echo ;3

AIR | Echo: :3

Groggs: asking if I'm single ;D

Groggs: Grrrr

Groggs: I like

AIR | Echo: :3

Groggs: Yes, but i do have a crush on some guy starting on E and ends with an cho

AIR | Echo: Same with me but it starts with a G and ends with and roggs :3

Groggs: :))))))))

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