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UU mod application | Wast


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In-game name : Wast

My steam profile link : http://steamcommunity.com/id/Wast75

My XUID : 1100001046e0ade

Why do I want to become a moderator on UU servers ? : When i play on UU server, i see lot of players who break rules. I just want them to leave the server before they ruin others player's game.

Do i have any previous experience as moderator/admin ? : I have hosted a minecraft server during 5 months with some friends. That's my only admin experience.

Do i have a mic ? : I had one with my turtle beach X12 but it's broke... I'll buy a new one realy soon.

Where am i from ? : I'm from Paris, France.

How old am I ? : BDay --> 14/07/1998 so i'm 15 years old.

What's server ? : I would like to become a moderator in Eu server because i'm European.

If I become a moderator, In what way will I help yours servers ?: If i become a moderator i'll help new players by saying them rules. I'll kick rules breakers and only rules breaker. No rules breaker = more fun for all players.

Notes : I play on Frozen servers since 2 years and UU since 4 months. My old name is "Rillette75". So i have a little experience in this sort of mod as player and as moderator.

I'm forced to tell you I don't have a VIP account...

Thanks for reading.

PS : my english is not very good, but i'm sure you can understand me.

EDIT : I am agree with : Staff rules http://undeaduprisin...lication-rules/

ZAM rules http://undeaduprisin...0-rules-of-zam/

UU rules http://undeaduprisin...forum/32-rules/

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YOUR RILLETE OMG?!?!!?!? Never knew anyway yes from me :o

Genesis (or Kickarse ;D), ofc i am.

I've done a 1 year break of pc gaming. Got an xbox and black ops 2 ...

I came back because i bought a new pc (i run blops in 120 fps instead of 24 for my old laptop).

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I say yes because you are active on the EU server, and you are mature.

Weren't you the one that left ZAM for a while??

Yup, i haven't play blops for ~4 months, but now i'm back.

I understood that black ops 1 is one of the best call of duty and i won't let him empty of player.

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