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More payement methods. IMPORTANT!

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Was going to add Google Checkout, but

ATTENTION: After November 20, 2013, Google Checkout will no longer be supported. If you process payments using Google Checkout, you will need to migrate to a new solution to avoid disruption to your business. Learn more.

LEGAL NOTICE: As of September 9, 2013, the Checkout Sunset Terms of Service (US | UK) shall supplement your existing Checkout Seller Terms of Service.

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You can use Paysafe, but you cant split it, if you want to use that method contact Classixz, or send me a PM.

Ill see what i can do about the ways.

Yes but paysafe card only sales in 10 25 50 Euro/Dollars.

so peoples who want to buy must pay 5 Euro/dollars more.

and who buyed 25 Paysafe must pay 10 dollars - 20 dollars more.

i think thats rediculous.

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