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Zombies Ideas


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Pack a punch-upgrade ur weapon (available in shop)

Moderator class?

New start weapons-make it different to ZEM, be original

New classes-Scout (sniper and pistol) Martyr (knife and frag or Molotov or toma)

T-Cade available in shop

Barbed wire available in shop-if zombies walk into it they die (could be a bit OP, maybe add time limit)

Infinite ammo for 15secs

Attachments for guns available in shop - For example silencer, dual wield and FMJ

Killstreaks available in shop- Attack dogs (with time limit)predator missile, stealth bomber and attack helicopter (with time limit)

Hope you take these ideas into consideration and feel free to edit them. Comment if you like or dislike them!

Vector :)

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I) Predator missile?

II) Stealth Bomber? Don't you mean Carpet Bomber (Rolling Thunder)?

III) The ATK heli is a bad idea, due to the fact that it might target enemies that are destroying your barricades and possibly damage the barricades or even you as well.

As for the Predator missile, there is a slight chance I can get it from the weapon editor (se7en_u).

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I already suggested making a YouTube channel. But, before we do make one, we need to do the following:

I) Determine what UU means (Classified and Coffe told me that they just put UU and had no clue what it meant, :/).

II) Pick a server name. I mean, let's face it... "Zombies!!" isn't a real name. Suggestions: Zombie Anhilliation Mod, Undead Arrising Mod, Afterlife Mod, ...

III) Edit the servers and web-sites. The servers still have some big bugs on them and we have two web-sites (we have to make them easier to navigate through).

IV) Fix VIP purchase. You can purchase it over the main page, but if you click on the actual [VIP] tab, it says "Error".

Also, Venom is a good idea, but here is another one:

"Frostbite" - Bullets that slow enemies down when shot; don't deal extra DMG; limited time; one use only.

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UU - Undead Uprising (me likey);

I would also go for that name.

The server names would pop up like this:

UU | Zombie Anhilliation Mod [EU]

UU | Zombie Anhilliation Mod [uS]

UU would be in brown, the | would be in white, "Zombie" would be in black, "Anhilliation" would be in red, "Mod" would be in green, [EU] would be in blue and yellow (E in blue and U in yellow) (the two official European colours) and [uS] would be in red and blue (U in red and S in blue) (the two official American colours).

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I like " Undead Uprising "

Like Big Guy said " A frostbite thingy " but at the end you said " One use only " ( thats a good idea :) )

but to add to it maybe it should be a gun with a limited amount of ammo like 3/6 or 2/6 so " Player " has to reload every 2 or 3 shots

Just an Idea!

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I was thinking for a while now, but maybe if a person joins the server 150+ times, and is registered as a player (/register) they would be able to Choose your starting weapon (Spectre, Uzi, Mp5k, Mpl, Dragunov, and Kiparis.)

or if a person is on the 1st page on top stats can Choose your weapon? but if you get lower than the 1st page of top stats you cant pick.

and if an Moderator and Admin can pick there starting weapon but with Attachments?

Spectre: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=145272991

Uzi: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=145273142

Mp5k: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=145273316

Mpl: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=145273453


Kiparis : http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=145273817

Attachments for weapons:

Spectre Attachments: Reflex, Grip, Extended Mags, Silencer.

Uzi Attachments: Reflex, Grip, silencer, extended Mags.

Mp5k Attachments: Reflex, extended Mags, Silencer.

Mpl Attachments: Reflex, Dualclip, Grip, silencer.

Draganov Attachments: Acog, Extended mags, Silencer.

Kiparis Attachments: Reflex, grip, extended mags, Silencer.

These attachments MAY be op (Overpowered) but you can change it up abit.

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