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v1.5 seems more like a downgrade than an upgrade


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Hear me out.

I just got on for a couple minutes and I really didn't like what I saw.

1: Classes still aren't choosable. I'm not talking about "class specials" bullshit, I couldn't give a damn about those. I don't think I've ever purchased a single one. Why can't we pick our starting weapon yet?

2: VIP++ was TOTALLY nerfed. I paid $15 for all this stuff, and you've taken it all away. Why? Why is VIP++ a downgrade now? I'd take the ASP over the M40 any day and every day.

3: The fake class chooser makes getting to campsite hard because it forces you to stop and choose, slowing you down.

The VIP++ thing deeply bothers me. I paid for seven weapons, and now I get zero? Bullshit.

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I hope you have changed your mind now.

After the last few mini-updates, it's coming around.

The weapon picker seems like it could be nice. I like being able to change weapons without suicide, but because you can only change your SMG, and only once, it's fairly limiting.

#1 and #3 are mostly gone now. I'm still not happy about losing the ASP, but w/e. I can look past that.

My biggest gripe, and this surfaced recently, is the "zombie upgrades". Zombies were already OP. The Shaman Zombie in particular is one of the most unbalanced gameplay elements in any mod I've ever played (even more unbalanced then the Minigun with inf. ammo, no cooldown, and shot Valkrie rockets from ROPv66). I got it one round, two guys were caded up in Firing range so deep it seemed almost certain they were going to win. I jump in, both of them die instantly.

Which is why I requested a v1.4 server. I'd take no "zombie upgrades" over the other bits and pieces 1.5 offered any day.

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