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The Knife Era Mod


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So, I had this idea that would basically transform ZAM into a knife only mod. This would only take place one weekend or one week before the official first release of v1.5., but since certain things went down unexpectadly, this was never done. Nevertheless, the idea can still be taken into consideration.


Two teams - humans and zombies. A game lasts 10-20 minutes, with a score limit of 50000. All humans spawn with 500HP and earn an extra +100HP each 5 knife kills (can stack up to a maximum of 1000HP). All zombies spawn with 100HP and earn an extra +50HP every 2 deaths (can stack up to a maximum of 600HP).


Every human (normal, VIP, MVP, etc...) gets to pick a starting class before commensing into battle.

ASSAULT SPECIALIST - Has the ability to make his current held knife full-auto and increase it's ROF by 500% for 5sec - 15sec. Recharge time of 180sec.

GEAR MAN - Has the ability to replenish all close humans with ballistic projectile ammunition and Tomahawks. Recharge time of 180sec.

MEDIC - Has the ability to spawn a Med Aur which will bring +25 regen HP each 3 seconds to humans inside of it for 60sec. Recharge time of 180sec


H - humans Z - zombies

H Melee Knife --- 200DMG

H Rebirth Claws --- 600DMG

H Ballistic Knife/ballistic projectile ammunition --- 300DMG/300DMG

H SOG Knife --- 200DMG

H Shredder --- from 25 DMG to 500 DMG (random per each hit)

H Ballistic Bovie/ballistic projectile ammunition --- 600DMG/600DMG

H Tomahawk --- 300DMG

Z Rebirth Claws --- 200DMG

Z Ballistic Knife/ballistic projectile ammunition --- 250DMG/250DMG

Z SOG Knife --- 350DMG

Z Shredder --- from 25DMG to 250DMG (random per each hit)

Z Ballistic Bovie/ballistic projectile ammunition --- 500DMG/500DMG

Z Throwable Limb --- 200DMG



1. Purchase Full HP Refill [500pts]

2. Purchase +100 Maximum HP [1000pts]

3. Purchase Rebirth Claws [800pts]

4. Purchase Ballistic Knife [300pts]

5. Purchase SOG Knife [400pts]

6. Purchase Shredder [600pts]

7. Purchase a Tomahawk [400pts] (can be picked up off of the ground once thrown)

8. Purchase Point Multiplier [2000pts] (an extra +25% on whatever you do)

9. Purchase Perseverance [2000pts] (attain an extra +2% movement speed per each multi-kill which will deplete shortly)

0. Purchase Possess [600pts] (look down below for more information)


1. Purchase Full HP Refill [200pts]

2. Purchase +100 Maximum HP [750pts]

3. Purchase Ballistic Knife [750pts]

4. Purchase SOG Knife [900pts]

5. Purchase Shredder [1050pts]

6. Purchase a Throwable Limb [300pts]

7. Purchase Explosive Dominance [1250pts] (will flash and stun all humans for a short period of time, as well as deal explosive DMG upon limb throwing (contact) and killing a human with any knife)

8. Purchase Point Multiplier [750pts]

8. Purchase Perseverance [750pts]

0. Purchase Possess [525pts]



5 knife kills - Smaller Crosshairs

10 knife kills - Speedo

15 knife kills - Ninja

20 knife kills - Blackbird x2

25 knife kills - Sentry Turret x1

30 knife kills - Sentry Turret x2

35 knife kills - Air Support (auto-piloter chopper, Mortar Strike or Napalm Strike (random))

40 knife kills - full-auto knifing feature (hold V or your key bind for knifing to knife repedetively)

45 knife kills - ROF x2-x3

50 knife kills - Ballistic Bovie

100 knife kills - Nuke (kills all zombies, ends the game)


15000 cm (codemeters) - +300pts

30000 cm (codemeters) - +600pts

60000 cm (codemeters) - +1200pts


1 knife kill - Fast Zombie

3 knife kills - Throwable Limb x1

5 knife kills - Throwable Limb x3

7 knife kills - Free Fog

12 knife kills - large speed increase (Speedo + 0.4% movement speed)


10000 cm (codemeters) - +300pts

20000 cm (codemeters) - +600pts

40000 cm (codemeters) - +1200pts


7 deaths - +300pts

20 deaths - +500pts + a free Throwable Limb

40 deaths - +1000pts + a free Throwable Limb

60 deaths - +2500pts + a free Throwable Limb


H all knives - +200pts

H Tomahawk - +150pts

H ballistic projectile ammunition - +250pts

Z all knives - +300pts

Z Tomahawk - +250pts

Z ballistic projectile ammunition - +350pts


Possess is basically the "Roll The Dice" ability from ZAM. The only different thing is - this ability will always either benefit you in a good way or the enemy team in a bad way. Possession rolls given out randomly. Usable by both teams. Waiting period between uses of 15sec - 20sec.


- Max Ammo

- Tomahawk Upgrade (bonus explosive DMG per landing/impact)

- unlimited ammo for 15sec

- kill all zombies

- get 1000pts

- slow zombies down by 10% - 20% for 15sec

- complete invisibility for 15sec


- max ammo

- Tomahawk Upgrade (bonus freeze DMG per landing/impact (slow-down after-effect))

- unlimited ammo for 15sec

- get 1000pts

- slow humans down by 10% - 20% for 15sec

- HP depleting (all humans lose 20HP every 3 seconds)

- complete invisibility for 5sec


- all ammunition for both teams will be fully replenished each 7 minutes into the game

- the fog looks like the one on ZAM and becomes like the one on ZombieExtMod when the zombie team gets a Fog up

- zombies will get anti-camp warnings for camping in one spot for too long (stay in a single spot for 10 seconds - warn; 3 warnings - kick)

- maybe make it so that 10% of all zombies drop med-packs with +200HP

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Hunter loadout? Or regular by rank (Normal, VIP, MVP)

PTS per death as Zombie?

Normal players will start off with a pistol, so that they can use the Melee Knife. Once they acquire Ammo Refill, this will not impact the pistol (only ballistic projectiles and Tomahawks).

VIP players will start off with a pistol and a random knife out of the two - Karambit Knife and Prison (Vorkuta) Knife.

MVP players will start off with a pistol, a random knife, a Tomahawk and a 5% chance of starting off with Speedo.

so go normal has first class vip first 2 clases and vip ++ all clases admins all and moderator all

Oh mai Gawd, dat Ingrish is sooo smexy...

What is it with this mod's fixation on knifing?

More than 50% of ZAM's players love knifing. UU having a knife only mod will bring even more fun for some players, and by some I mean a lot of them.

Screenshot%202013-11-10%2015.04.53.pngScreenshot%202013-11-10%2015.06.35.png <<<<<<< Gonna add some colors to this

Nice to see you're taking such an interest into this. :D

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- All humans get one bullet in their pistol that will deal the same explosive and radial DMG as the missile from a Gunship, once they attain 20 knife kills.

- Killstreaks/Scorestreaks and other streak rewards other than perks and points will be stored into a "STASH" ( http://undeaduprising.net/forums/index.php?/topic/98-zam-update-log-idea-thread/page__st__280 ).

- All zombies will drop one gem, and special zombies (Axis, Bomber, Shaman, etc...) drop 2-3 gems upon death. Humans can pick these gems up and, once they collect 50-70 gems, they will attain access to a reward spot. This can be a platfrom somewhere high up in the sky, or an out-of-the-map area. Rewards will be discussed later, but, if you have ideas, post them.

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