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Hello everyone

2 days ago I decided to quit Black Ops 1...

The reason that I quited its because Black Ops 1 became boring and not fun to play

You can't play on Custom Maps.. and There aren't so many mods like WaW..

Because my decision you can demote me from being Moderator

Sorry about that... And good luck on ZAM

Banana Puncake ( Yuvalpre )

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Banana:( You were a great Mod doe:( Hope to see you again!

I was mod for, hmm 2 weeks I guess, And if you saw my messeges, I'm returning to Black Ops 1 in April, Right now i'm praciticing on sniping with my friends, I always wanted to snipe like a pro, So i'm using the time that i'm taking a break from Black Ops 1 for training and calming down from all the crazy staff on Black Ops 1
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