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Class of the Week Suggestions / Ideas [CoW]


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Hmm... how bout knife week(s)?


- Ballistic Bowie for 5.25k

- Swift (100 pts discount)

- Ghost (50 pts discount)

- Adapt (50% discount/can be used 3 times only)


We dont have "Swift" in this mod, Dusty...

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1. Dragunov [200pts]

2. KS-23 [350pts]

3. STG-44 [600pts]

4. Roll The Dice [250pts]

1. Ray-Gun [1200pts]

2. Mustang&Sally [1800pts]

3. Adapt [500pts]

4. Nighthawk [500pts]

1. Karambit Knife [150pts]

2. SOG Knife [100pts]

3. Shredder [100pts]

4. Ballistic Bovie Knife [1600pts]

1. RC-XD [150pts]

2. Napalm Strike [600pts]

3. Dogs [600pts]

4. Speedo + Ninja [500pts]

1. Strong Barricade [75pts]

2. Strong Standing Barricade [125pts]

3. Strong Controllable Barricade [75pts]

4. Strong 2-Stack [150pts]

5. Strong T-Stack [200pts]

6. All Perks [800pts]

7. Upgraded Desert Eagle [400pts]

8. Mosin Nagant Scoped + Max Ammo [1000pts]

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