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Info and summary about the VIP weekend...



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  1. 1. Should we have an VIP weekend also before the birthday of ZAM? (03/31/2014)

  2. 2. Did you have fun?

    • Yes
    • No
    • Hell NO! (please post why)
    • meh, never again...(please post why)

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This is the last day of free VIP on all of the servers, looks like everyone has enjoyed it and had fun.

I really want to do more events for the players and do them more often.

Servers will be updated today 00.00 PM (server times) and until then it will be like it is right now.

MVP players will keep the peacekeeper.

MVP weekend next time?

Anyways... Next time the MVP stuff should be better planed, some loadouts for MVP will also be changed when the new Create A Class menu is done.

Some screens: ( My steam ingame dosent work... best i got :/ )


Server slots didnt check.. some kind of bug on the server..



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I guess it would be cool to have another one, but maybe this time add more stuff other than the things all players can get.

Non-VIP to VIP.



Also, different starter weapons for all people, and maybe even a special class? Who knows.

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