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New Soundboard I made


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Hello everyone!!!

The next messege is going to talk about Black Ops 1, I know I quit Black Ops 1, But I still want to help, However, UU for me is my second family :D

So, I made a soundboard with cool sounds, I will post the link soon for the soundboard

The sounds are good for the servers, I will explain how... And there are the sounds:

1. Gotcha Bitch- You can use the sound when a zombie killing a survivors with knifes

2. Ha GAYYYY- This sound can be used when someone on the chat saying: Gay or Homo

3. Headshot- ( From Unreal Tourement ) - When a survivors gets a headshot this sound will be played

4. Rage Quit- When someone rage quiting, A sound will be played

5. Boo you suck!- This sound will be played when the player kills himself with Mustang and Sally

6. What the fuck was that?!- When someone saying WTF, This sound will be played

Also more sounds from Unreal Tourement...

And that's all



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do somethig like KILING SPREEE with that voice or M-M-MEGA KILL OR UNSTOPPABLe or DOMINATINGxD i know these from warcraft 3 mods i played it 4 years

I think it's from Unreal Tourement, However, I will put also those sounds as well, The soundboard will have some updates..
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