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First a Troll then became a Friend. c;


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Critical Taco: is there a way you can make me admin?

Critical Taco is now Away.

De/MindBlast: hahah yea

De/MindBlast: Why

De/MindBlast: but I wont cuz you dont have #Sweg

Critical Taco is now Online.

Critical Taco: sweg?

De/MindBlast: Ya know #Sweg

De/MindBlast: ?

De/MindBlast: If you dont go look

Critical Taco: nope, im in college.

De/MindBlast: Learn #Sweh

De/MindBlast: #Sweg**

Critical Taco: have you heard of #gay?

De/MindBlast: Yeah , you.?

Critical Taco: thats u

Critical Taco: you shoukd kno

De/MindBlast: Cuz I heard it was you

De/MindBlast: c:

Critical Taco: ok

De/MindBlast: #Gay = Taco

De/MindBlast: c:

De/MindBlast: I learned Tank you.

De/MindBlast: Master,

De/MindBlast: c:

Critical Taco: great. glad you accomplished something in your life for once

De/MindBlast: Yes.! That's why your a kid asking for Admin.... c;

De/MindBlast: It's ok I get you guys all the time.

De/MindBlast: c:

Critical Taco: lol... just wanted it for the weapons but okay

Critical Taco: C:

De/MindBlast: Exactly. A person Ima put on the website.

De/MindBlast: So no one will give you chance c:

De/MindBlast: HEHEHEHEH <33333

Critical Taco: what?

Critical Taco: ap erson youma put on a website?

Critical Taco: what?

De/MindBlast: Hah sowwy :P Ima put you on the UU website**

Critical Taco: okay

Critical Taco: have fun

Critical Taco: i get kids like you all the time so im used to this C:

Critical Taco: do i have to pass a stupid fucking test to get admin or something?

De/MindBlast: You have to pass the #Respect Test

De/MindBlast: And learn to take a #Joke Test

De/MindBlast: c;

Critical Taco: lol

Critical Taco: hahah

De/MindBlast: And not do it for the weapons

Critical Taco: that was funny

De/MindBlast: Cool.

De/MindBlast: c:

De/MindBlast: Derp

Critical Taco: lol

De/MindBlast: Yep.

De/MindBlast: Do you have #Sweg now.?

Critical Taco: yeah

Critical Taco: i think so

De/MindBlast: Yay.!(: Sooooo Now ya wanna know how to get admin.?

Critical Taco: yeah!

Critical Taco: C:

De/MindBlast: Go to Www.Undeaduprising.net and go Apply for it and you can fill in the application.! and Itll take several weeks to get in cuz we have no more space for US Mods/Admins. Thank You, Taco

Critical Taco: wait so when will i recieve admin?

De/MindBlast: You have to apply for it then you have to wait for Us ( Kex/Classix/Griggs) To decide if your in or not. Then if you are accepted there's no room so you have to wait cuz no room for US MODS/ADMINS

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