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VIP/VIP++ loadout


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OK, so I was thinking of a better way of organising VIP and VIP++ and what to give to people that have it. So, I came up with this.


- M1911 with Improved Iron Sights or Python with Speed Reloader

- random SMG cycle (MP5K, Uzi, AK-74u, MPL, Spectre)

- Golden Desert Eagle

- Kar98k

- VIP headicon

- VIP barricades

- access to all VIP classes


- Cobra (Pack-a-Punched Python)

- improved random SMG cycle (MP5K, Uzi, AK-74u, MPL, Spectre, PM-63, Kiparis/one random attachment on every SMG (mostly Grip or Suppressor))

- Golden Desert Eagle

- Scoped Kar98k or M40A3

- melee Karambit Knife (or another cool looking melee knife) with increased DMG

- a barricade hotkey (as a survivor, press X or another assigned key to buy and place down a barricade and as a zombie, press X or another assigned key to buy HP)

- VIP++ headicon

- VIP++ barricades

- access to all VIP and VIP++ classes

Also, what about following this "routine"?

- Every 10th week is discount week. The prices of both VIP and VIP++ are reduced.

- Every 25th week is free VIP/VIP++ week. 5 VIPs/VIP++s are given away for free to random people.

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Barricade HOTKEY?! WTF that makes the game too easy! But if that's necessary, then let it be, but if we do add that and get more VIP++'s maybe we will add it.

No need for improve SMG cycle, just let it be same as the VIP one.

I would actually prefer the scoped kar98k because then the VIP's won't be destroying the cades, but apparently there's barely any VIP's so it's not really a problem but if you add stuff for VIP, then more people might buy VIP and if u leave the M40A3, then u know what's gonna happen.... XD

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Well, if you guys believe the barricade hotkey will be abused, what about increasing the duration time of the Death Machine and increasing the odds of getting better weaponry when purchasing random weapons?

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  • Founder

Free VIP thinggyzz, is 3/31 (ZAM's Bday)

And like other free give away is when we want to make some poor ppls happy and ofc griggs bday.


Barricade hotkey wont be added (Send $$$ and ill add for ya, pm me)

Death Machine time will be changed as its too long now, and like one hit kill. (or dmg)

VIP Will maybe be changed. Not sure yet.

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