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Trolling Volen!


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Volen: your whallack

Volen: wtf

KickArse: ?

KickArse: Yeah

Volen: xD

KickArse: you wan't it?

Volen: yes

KickArse: But don;t tell classi

KickArse: please

Volen: ok

KickArse: or i will get banned

Volen: give me kickarse.exe

Volen: xD

KickArse: nah

KickArse: better one

KickArse: see through walls and crap

KickArse: www.meatspin.com

KickArse: Did you download yet?

Volen: wtf

KickArse: see i knew you were coming

KickArse: did you see it?

Volen: ...


Volen: I'm gay

KickArse: you spin me right round baby right round

Volen: don't want to see girl


Volen: :P


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