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Files for Santa Hat (for Lemon/KEX)


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Alright Lemon and KEX, here are the files for the Santa hat. They are contained within the mod directory under the appropriate folders. Also, I included the raw targa graphic files and .xmodel_export file in case you need to recreate the files on your own computer, if any errors come up ("filesize > 0 assert" in the mod compiler is a bitch).

Santa Hat Mod Directory: https://www.mediafir...ftsyg3w3w9hr4cz

TGA and .XMODEL_EXPORT file archive: http://www.mediafire.com/download/sa4a3maaqo0l0dp/targas%20and%20xmodel_export%20files.rar

(I double checked those links, so they should be working.)

Also, here is the code to put in the ZAM mod.csv:

rawfile,maps\mp\gametypes\_rank.gsc /*just attach the model to a survivor's head in onPlayerSpawned() etc. You'll find the attach code under onPlayerSpawned() in the _rank.gsc I included in the mod archive*/

Enjoy guys. I am currently having some problems making that Christmas present, so if any of you know what the fuck this error means, please let me know:


Other than that, have a good one. See y'all on ZAM soon.

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