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Server command overflow


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There is a serious bug in the game - its that there is a limit on the amount of 'string' info that can be sent to a client from a server. This is limited to 1024 characters.

When a player connects to a server, a chunck of info is sent to them, called gamestate, and the max string info is part of it. The server looks for an 'echo' bounce back that confirms that the client has recieved that chunck of data. when it doesnt recieve it, it resends it until it does receive the 'echo' back.

When that player has a bad connection (caused by a range of things, one now being VAC streaming to them), the server cant finalise the info sent, and so continuiously sends the data until it hits the string length problem, and so they recieve the 'server command overflow' error.

Ways to resolve it - a good connection

Most of these errors occur on servers with an excess of 15 players.

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