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Yo, could we get some RQ guidelines?


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Aight, so i was banned at 2:35 AM on Crisis, I killed one of the last two survivors making it 9 to 1. Even though it was my only kill, i was super tired, had to get up early, so i left.

It's undeniable that it was a ridiculous ban. After explaining this to spatroit, i am now unbanned. It was only a 1 day ban, but that's still not justifying.

I've pretty much always hated RQ bans, i think they are taken to an extreme. Anyways, it seems like some of the admins are confused exactly what a RQ is, I am also confused. I would like to propose a set of guidelines that would justify leaving the game.

1. If you kill at least one survivor

2. If there are 10 zombies, or if 75% of the server is infected

3. If you joined as a zombie.

4. If you die over 20 times

5. If the game ends soon after they leave.

NOTE: If you follow even one of these rules, you cannot be banned for RQ.

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Here's my issue, I've been in chat with people, and seen people say okay 11 zombies I'm out till next game. I just think it's wrong. I even did it once, I it off after i died knowing there was 11 zombies. But my point is that admins(not gonna name) and UU members and newbz(me) do it constantly and it's starting to get rediculious and I think we should at least put a rule you have to play objective as a zombie for 2 mins from when died and 11 zombies or over.

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