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The reason I am starting this thread is the following:

Me and Classified (Kex) have decided to add music to the "Zombies!!" mod and I want your suggestions on what we should add. Note: DO NOT CHOOSE POP MUSIC OR SIMILAR! Choose music that makes the game pace feel more exciting and rushy. We want music that will make you feel like you're in the actual game. We don't want to be shooting at zombies and hear: "Baby, baby, baby, ooooooooh...".

The music will be listenable to while playing.


Medal of Honor: Allied Assault (MOHAA) theme song -----

Pirates of The Carribean theme song -----

You can choose multiple tracks, but make them good. The two suggested above are my personal favourites.

Keep the thread clean.

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Black Ops: Zombie Moon Theme Song

When there's last survivour. //All over the map or just for him?


And something more "peaceful".

It's TWD Theme (btw I totally recommend)


And I'd like to see killstreak sounds like in Quake. The same :D Mmmooonster Kill!, Unstoppable!, Ludicrouskill!, Godlike!.

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The name of the Moon theme song is "Elena Siegman - Coming Home" and, idk, the start is cool, but it gets really annoying when it gets to the screaming part, I don't think that a lot of players will enjoy it. What about "Elena Siegman - 115" instead? And "Elena Siegman - Beauty of Anhilliation" as our theme song (since our mod might be called Zombie Anhilliation Mod)?

Avenged Sevenfold - Nightmare --- very nice choice. I find this an excellent running song.

TWD theme song --- could be used in our upcoming official trailer?

More suggestions by me:

Dadadef - Steamy;

DJ ASSASS1N - Get Hyper;

Disturbed - The Animal;

Disturbed - Decadence;

Droideka - Get Hyper;

Infected Mushroom - Saeed (my personal favourite);

KillSonik - Slaughterhouse;

Madeon - Finale;

Skyrim - DragonBorn Song (FUS RO DAH! Official);

Thousand Foot Krutch - Phenomenon;

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If you're on almost end of the Easter Egg and you reach 20 level on Moon - Avenged Sevenfold - Nigtmare appear ;P So it's theme song in my opinion.

If MOD-Account will not have any profits TWD theme song can stay but if u'd like to gain some profits from adverts you should switch it. Btw if there'll be good editor and feeder this trailer will have HUUGE balls with this song ;D

//EDIT: Maan, u said no pop musik. IMHO electro, club is pretty similar to POP :P

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"Mona - Shooting The Moon" might be cool if we were to add a "Rebirth" ability (makes a zombie become a survivor) or if you were to choose some sort of a runner class or become last alive. But, in all three scenarios, I see "Elena Siegman - Beauty of Anhilliation" as the best choice. In fact, this should be our theme song or trailer (for the mod, if we ever get one) song.

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How about make it so the first zombie that buys the rebirth ability gets to be reborn as a survivor and plays the song Mona-Shooting the moon, and only THE FIRST zombie who buys the ability first gets to be reborn as a survivor and no other zombies may not use the ability from now on, and ability should cost 600 so then this will encourage zombies to play the OBJ.

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