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Joining Undead Uprising Staff team.

When joining Undead Uprising you need to pass some certain things:

TS3 DL: http://www.teamspeak...?page=downloads

  • You need to be a VIP or MVP member, and you need to know the rules.
  • We won't accept you if you have a lot of bans.
  • If you get caught abusing powers you will get demoted immediately. We will give you a list of commands and when you use them and how.
  • Getting moderator gear, is by earning it, you will not getting it by asking for it, and you won't get higher rank.
  • Be active in the forums and on the servers! We don't accept people who just played one week.
  • Never kick a player unnecessarily.
  • Asking for status about your application to any staff member will result in a rejection.
  • Just because you are in our staff team doesn't mean you can break rules and not get banned, in your case, demoted.
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