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KickArse: i got bonar

KickArse: over your

KickArse: mum

KickArse: 19 ineu

KickArse: :o

ZeNeKSaShy_SWAG<3: bonar ? w tf ?

KickArse: you don't know what a bonar i?

ZeNeKSaShy_SWAG<3: no i dont


ZeNeKSaShy_SWAG<3: wat is it :c

KickArse: LOL

KickArse: It's when your dick gets hard hahaha

ZeNeKSaShy_SWAG<3: ohh

ZeNeKSaShy_SWAG<3: omfg

ZeNeKSaShy_SWAG<3: geez

ZeNeKSaShy_SWAG<3: over my mom ?

KickArse: ye

ZeNeKSaShy_SWAG<3: geez :o

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