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Best dad ever?


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I was messaging supposedly GreyhounD's dad. :D

Vector*: Don't you have school?

Vector*: :P

GreyhounD: ryan at school its his dad

Vector*: lol

Vector*: You good at Ghosts?

Vector*: ^^

GreyhounD: no lol

Vector*: Are you like some sick HAx00r?

GreyhounD: what?

Vector*: You know... You got dem hax?

GreyhounD: eh

GreyhounD: what u onabout

Vector*: Where you can see through walls and aim dem bots.

Vector*: Like you're on drugs.

GreyhounD: i dont cheat never have never will dont mesage me nomore unless its ryan

Vector*: Why?

Vector*: You know Ryan always swears on Black Ops...

Vector*: He is really immature. You should add some Safety Settings of some description.

GreyhounD: he should be immature hes only 13

GreyhounD: i carnt stop him swearing

Vector*: Do you know what a 'Phat Phuck' is? He called me that...

GreyhounD: no

GreyhounD: right im going so stop messaing

Vector*: I'd just really like to chat about your son's innapropriate behaviour.

Vector*: His language can be quite disturbing too.

Vector*: Btw.

Vector*: If you're going, exit the game too.

Vector*: :)

GreyhounD: look stop messaging ffs

Vector*: Just trying to help.

GreyhounD: dont tell me what to do child

GreyhounD: im 42 years old i need no help ok

Vector*: Everyone needs help.

GreyhounD: no FUCK OFF

Vector*: You denying it and swearing makes me think that you need 'more' help.

Vector*: Can I make one more suggestion?


Vector*: You make sense don't any.

Vector*: You seem to be real mad, so I'll leave you to your fun.

Vector*: A good day Sir!

And I thought kids were immature.... LOL

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LOL his dad called me wall face i was like wuuut then he said i amgonna rip your eyes i was like this guy is beginner then ryanfag started to spam me -.- nerd family btwmgreyhound you're adopted

You're not a wall-face. You're just a dumbass.

Also, leave GreyhounD the fuck alone. Not our problem you're a mentally challenged fat-ass who eats Oreos and Nutella while playing BO1 24/7.

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