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knifeing script (UUK)


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Hi iam ilyX*,

I've been a knifer since the start of the game and was an admin on the WaP knifeing servers for 2 years (dead). I think i know a bit about knifeing and i wanted to tell you guys this:

This week i started to play Black Ops again and i came by your servers. They were nice, ill have to admit that!

When i played totday it came to my eye that someone used a knife script on your server.

For the people that don't know what a knife script is/does:

Makes your knife have less recoil (u can set the recoil time)

Makes you knife faster (animation won't show/ is faster) > thats how i saw it

Lunging doesn't work as good since you knife faster so the range is shortened.

it isnt a cheat it is just a script in .ahk

it lets u knife then trows tomma/cancel switch weapon as fast as you want it and by doing that u stop the actual knife animation/ recoil.

How do i know these things? i've used suchs script in the past at the WaP/ZoM server. I've been demoted for using it.

I do not have the script at the moment if u wish i can post it tomorrow or show u in a private match.

But the point is make it bannable? or spread the word at least do something with it because it aint fair.

P.s what about makeing the dutch server with tommy or ballistic?

Thanks for reading my post, ill hope you guys do something with it



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Macro aren't allowed, so i guess Knife Script too.

When i played totday it came to my eye that someone used a knife script on your server.

You can report him on the report section. But you need a proof like a vid' or something like that.

Btw, nice to see a [WaP] member around :)

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All i see is porn advertisements... how nice

anyway, im really really good at .ahk but, the knifing without animation is just a glitch that is unfixed by Treyarc, anyone can do it. and uh... recoil on a knife... i dont understand... me need help

EDIT: and macros can make you knife continuously until you die, or do some other command. i'm pretty sure macro has nothing to do here.

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Hmm ill could show you in A private match, I'll could download the program tomorrow and edit/create the script. Just dont know when I have the time to show you it. For the report I'll make A vid nexttime and write the time/server down som you can see it from the bot(spectator). Sorry for the crappy english

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