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Recommendations and Improvements


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Hey guys, here are some recommendations and improvements. (I haven't been on the server in a while some of these things might have already been sorted :3)

-Improve or get rid of the flags! Some of them go to nice spots like in Grid, but in most maps hardly anyone uses them, they're annoying and they go absolutely nowhere (for example you can't Cade and have no chance if a zombie comes)

-Decide whether your going to use two or one websites. This one is okay, but the other one (uu.comeze) is rubbish, most of the links don't even work!

-Make a whole stats table instead of a top 5, and make a rank system

-Tidy up the websites, make them more professional and colourful (unicorns and rainbows ;) jks)

-Make an admins and moderators section - list all the UU members

-Change the server colours and name ( I know Ramsy is already on to this, just throwing it out there :D)

-Finally, use the ideas in the forum, for example perks and classes

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Array - has a good teleport spot, but it needs to be edited.

Cracked - has potential to get a new good TP spot.

Crisis - good as it is.

Firing Range - good TP spots, but tower spots need to be edited/extended.

Grid - good as it is.

Hanoi - TP is good, but needs to be edited.

Havana - good as it is.

Jungle - good as it is.

Launch - good as it is.

Nuketown - good as it is, without TP.

Radiation - good as it is.

Summit - good as it is.

Villa - has potential to get a new good TP spot.

WMD - good as it is.

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limbs: make it so you cannot pick up the same limb that you have thrown.

fix when buying 2nd limb you will not receive the limb you have purchaced and you will lose 400.

fix when purchacing limb protector, when you are hit from a limb, you are able to purchace limb protector for free, and will do the same effect as if buying it

Bots: Mostly a real zombie player will kill every bot that is alive and will get about 400-800 points to spend, they usually spend it all of health

Points: for every time you hit a zombie (without killing it) you will get 10 points, just like in the Zem version

Speedo for zombie (i dont remember the name of it): add light weight.

These are just idea's, im not demanding for these to be included tongue.png

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Anyway, when you become a zombie (via death), you should get fifty points per minute of gametime you spent as a survivor. This way it's less infuriating when you die in the middle of a game and have no points, but not such a big boost that you'd be better off dying later than at the beginning, considering a zombie that starts out as a zombie could easily make more than fifty points per minute.

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Guest mordecai

On the current map of Firing Range, I feel that the spot on C4 (the metal walled shack) is way too easy for survivors to camp and quite annoying for zombies to get in. The annoying part is, as a zombie, you have the black cades and the ladder stuck in your path, and as you're climbing up to the black cades and on to the ladder, it gives survivors more than enough time to kill you. In addition, even when your on top and passed the ladder, there's a chance that you won't be able to knife at all (which is probably due to either the map itself or the way the survivors caded the opening). With this additional problem, it makes it even more easier for survivors to kill you. Blocking the path to the shack would be greater for all of us.

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I need only one thing to say is to take off the invisibility thing which makes the game way unfair. if it isnt a part of a game then someone was hacking because no one was able to kill him once he was invisible.

I also want to include that if you want the server to be fair and actually fun you would want to actually BAN people who deserve it instead of warnings. You really think he learned his lesson when you warned him? Naw. Lastly, I recommend fair pricing (not that i think its unfair just reminders), fair gameplay, setting examples as leaders, moderators, and admins for people to follow the rules, and balance in fairness to both sides because in my opinion being a survivor is just to over powered compared to the server Zombie Epidemic Mod. I dont even know if it still exists but it was a good server before they loused things up with new zombies that made being a survivor impossible. Like I said there has to be equal power in both sides, or else being on one the powerful side doesnt seem really fair to the other guys on the other team. Like seriously this guy was running around with bowie knife invisibility and speedo x2 speed knifing everyone, zombie radar couldnt even help people kill him. it was like the MW3 Invisibility hack on consoles.

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