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A time to expand has come


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First and foremost, I decided to place this thread unded the General Discussion section because it doesn't just include ZAM and such. This is mainly about UU itself and it's growth. If you don't seem to understand what I am talking about, you are about to.



KEX and I have discussed some things regarding UU and we've come to a conclusion that it will not benefit both the clan and the community if everything remains solely based upon zombie mods, generally BO1. It's nice to know that the clan and community have grown so much, but expanding into a variety of different fields will bring no harm. When I say expand, I mean gather clanmates and a community that are based on different games and things like such. Now, this is something that should happen, but it shouldn't be the only change. UU stands for Undead Uprising, but that basically means the arrisal of the dead, and if UU plans on expanding into fields that don't solely regard zombies, then this makes no sense. KEX and I have concluded that the clan's name should be changed to something more practical, such as UG (Undead Gaming). The name still tells you that the main concensus of the clan are zombies, but it isn't so specific and un-detailed, as with UU (Undead Uprising). Also, if the name is to be changed, let's not forget that the same has to be done on the official YouTube channel, Twitch and Twitter and others.

Feel free to post comments, saying whether this should happen or not, along with what changes, and a name, if you have one. More comments will help gather more ideas. P.S. I will provide an multiple clan logos to choose from once the new name has been decided.

Here are the names I've come up with so far:

UC = Undead Clan

UF = Undead Family

UG = Undead Gaming

UX = Undead eXtreme


With expanding comes diversity, obviously. You can't expect to gain nothing more than player elites and eventually something of the kind on BO1 when something like this is in the matter of things. Imagine having the clan have a butload of members, all sorted out into divisions of players that play a certain game/mod and therefore represent it. Each division would have a leader and possibly a co-leader to help the leader in the administration and general control of his division and the division itself would be consisted of the best of the best in a certain fields. All members of a division would be obliged to carry the clan-tag at all times and second and follow the leader's rules. Examples of some divisions: EU BO1 ZAM Division, US BO1 ZAM Division, RUS BO1 ZAM Division, BO2 Division, etc... Of course, this all has to be discussed before even creating a single division. How it would work, who would lead it, setting the rules, etc...

P.S. People that expect to get free stuff on ZAM and ask for it 24/7 would be at the bottom of the consideration board. If you are a member of one division, what makes you think you deserve free stuff? If you want to represent your clan, do it with heart and soul and don't ask for so much free shit.


The leader (and possible co-leader) of a division would run everything. Applications, where the leader and co-leader would (obviously) have the final rule in things, setting the rules, etc... Also, the leader of a division would select whether he wants to receive applications, be a "player hunter" or both. By receiving applications, anyone could apply to be a part of a division and therefore see what will be brought down upon them. By being a player hunter, the leader and co-leader play something and search for players solo, meaning that they would find someone and offer them a part in the division.


Let's face it, this website is obviously good - for it's current use. Would it truly hurt to have a new website, with much more sections, division centers and restrictions (so that people can't spam so much random and un-necessarry shit, such as moderator applications)? Preferably, the new website could be an Enjin forum, as they are much more useful for the kind of attention we need and they're simply more practical. There would also be a member listing, along with the name of a division, it's leader, it's possible co-leader, all of it's members, their nationalities and links to their Steam accounts (if they own one). It's either this or a total conversion/clean-up of this website and a solid re-construction of it's look (and by look I mean order of things, along with restrictions).


The current rules on ZAM are clear and good, but I'll work on a new set of rules and then talk about it with the staff. Feel free to do it yourself if you have any ideas.


Expansion and growth is one thing, but it would also help the leaders (KEX and Griggs) out and give them more interest into a move like this if the purchasing of special elements and items (weapons, perks and such) on ZAM was much clearer. So, I suggest the following - "Any player is allowed to ask one of the clan leaders if he can own special elements and items on the mod ZAM, but he has to name everything he wants, along with what he is willing to pay. The leader(s) then have to place their bid and once the price is settled, IF and WHEN the consumer sends the money, he will THEN AND ONLY THEN receive his special elements and items."


I stand by once I said and a lot of people seconded - all Russian that have administrator or moderator access should be revoked of their rights and given only special elements and items in match for what they paid. They show no interest into keeping the server(s) clean, as they should. If you don't believe me, give all Russian administrators and moderators their rights, but no special elements and items and see their reactions.


A member of any kind of division should be taken seriously by all of it's members, and the entire clan itself. The member HAS to be fully commited and loyal to the division leader and the clan leaders and he has to set his place and not betray the others. Being a member to simply get freebies will get you nowhere.


I hope you all understand what I am trying to say, and take these matters into consideration. If everything works out, you're looking at the birth of a new opportunity with lots of great chances at your disposal. Good luck. :D

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I agree with a lot of the stuff you said, but I cannot make it clear enough how much I'd appose the addition of more monetization. I don't give a flying fuck how much the server costs, I shouldn't have to pay $130 to play a mod...I mean I already paid UU $15, that's enough for me

Also I suggest "UU: Ultimate Upheaval". That way we can keep the name of the servers but we're still getting rid of the zombie influence.

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Dont change the name. Undead Uprising is already awesome (Thanks Vector<3)

And it dosnt only need to mean zombies.

Hehe, no problem. Gotta thank me for ZAM too. <3

But also, if you are thinking to expand the clan as a whole. I think you should split up the clan, from the ZAM moderators/admiins. So far, 'UU' is just made up of admins/moderators. You should make larger divisions for big communities (e.g. UK, USA, Russia, Central EU, AU etc..)

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Well, I think we should keep this name. Because Like in the clantags:


UX-K? (Sounds wierd.)

UX (Also wierd.)

UX-S (They all really wierd... :S )


UF-K (UndeadFamily-Knifes?)

UF (Then just call it a UFO)

UF-S (UndeadFamily-Sniper?)


I'm not making fun of the examples, they just really dont fit in.


So in my opinion, it should stay with UU (Undeaduprising)

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