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In-Game Name:BATMAN!

Steam Profile Link: http://steamcommunit...61197984137978/

why i want be a Admin:I have seen many people break the rules when no admins were on.

I have a dedication to the server,I have been playing well over two years now and i thought its time for me to help protect ZAM servers.

I get on most days and see people giving out free kills and Tacs,Spamming,breaking cades,ETC.

I am 13 i will be turning 14 in a few short months.I hope to be playing ZAM for years on.Im aslo hoping ill be a admin protecting ZAM servers

from rule breakers and hackers for years on. I would love to be an admin on the us server because i play on there more than the other ones

and know people from that server.I feel the ZAM community needs more admins and more people like me.I hope you feel the same way.

,I have broken rules before,YES but.is there any way to earn your guys trust.

I love ZAM,Its my life,plz...I will update this message soon,THANKS

:superman: :fuu:

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I agree with u about mistakes he did on the servers, but age restriction is an idiot thing. Do you know the new generation will be more intelligent than us? Also, 13-14 years old is 75% of the zam players I think, isn't it ?

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Do you know the new generation will be more intelligent than us?

More intelligent than us...

Consoles, phones, PCs, tablets, lack of interest in anything remotely humane...

:bangs head on table for 15 seconds:

:bleeds out:



:repeats the first 3 steps:

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