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My time has came - uvenus


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Okay so... I got 1000 hours full in Black Ops (Or I got it a few weeks ago), but anyway I decided to leave Black Ops and ZAM now behind. This dosen't mean that I won't play Black Ops anymore. I will still play BO but I'll play it rarely.I still read forums daily I think. And KEX will demote me to MVP

Here are the 3 main reasons why I left BO behind:

1. I've started to play whit my irl friends DayZ Epoch

2. I get bored of ZAM

3. I began to focus on school more

I wish luck to you all and ZAM

its now bye...

Cya you all :/

- uvenus

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Now, to the staff of ZAM:

You are losing players.

You are losing long time players, players that have contributed great things, players that only want to help, players that donated, etc.

Why do you think this is?

You think it's because we just got bored? Maybe we just "burned out", is that it?


I left the mod a few months ago after receiving two warnings for something I did not do. I took it to the forums, I had videos, etc. And what was my response? "Stop whining".

And now look at Ramsy.

You aren't losing players because we're bored, or because we're moving on. We're leaving because there's a wall between the staff and the players, and the players aren't able to get passed it.

Clearly I can remember the first time I joined the mod. MyXa was on, as well as Griggs. Full server, and of course I had no idea what I was doing. MyXa was very vocal, helping me and a few others learn the ropes and get better at the mod. Griggs was not as helpful.

But that was, honestly, the last time I can even remember getting helped by any member of the staff or mod team. I've learned more about the mod from Ramsy than the whole damn staff combined, and that shows. I get warned, twice, for things I did not do. What do I get? "Stop whining". That's ridiculous.

And now we have this. And of course, what's the staff's responses?

KEX says how his life is sooo tough, and basically says that everyone else's lives should be based on his.

Griggs manages to both move the goalpost and shift the blame in a single post, which, while impressive from a debatory theoretical standpoint, is no less than infuriating from an "I'm a member of this community" standpoint, which is where it really matters.

I've asked Griggs about this before. This whole situation, when it was still going on. His replies were never much more than "lol" in various forms.

I have - repeatedly - brought up all these points in various threads, and I have - repeatedly - been ignored. I don't expect to be taken seriously by the staff today. Really the only reason I'm writing this in the first place is so when the next person asks me "Why don't you play the mod anymore?" I can just link them here instead of typing it out again.

So I hope you're happy Griggs and Classicz. I really hope you're happy that you're losing long standing members of this community, including who is (not even debatebly) the best player on the mod you've ever had.

Also relavent to this topic...

Anyway, you are awesome Unvenus, good luck on the future!! :D

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