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Mod Video: Call of Duty Black Ops Mods: mp_ZaM


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Note that this is the first time I've played on Jungle as a survivor. Literally every other time I've started as a zombie.


Anyway I've started this neat little series where I just fuck around in BO1 mods, take a video of it, and post it to YouTube. Eventually I'll be hitting mp_AIS_ROPv66, as well as mp_ais and mp_aizombies. For now, though, there's just mp_ZaM.

This is a fairly well known mod for Black Ops called "mp_ZaM", or just ZaM for short. Unlike the more common "AI Survival" mods for BO, ZaM actually sets up a survival atmosphere, with one or two players starting as zombies, and when another player dies (by zombies or by suicide) they, too, become a zombie. Survivors gain points by shooting or killing zombies, and they can buy weapons (from measly Enfeilds to the glorious Mustang & Sally or Wunderwaffe), "cades" which are inert care packages used to block off areas, or boosters such as Max Ammo or SR-71. Zombies gain points only by killing survivors, and they can buy upgrades to their health, and also special tomahawks that let them take down survivors from a distance (as well as a mostly useless SR-71).

The game ends in one of two ways: the zombies win when all survivors are dead, or the survivors win when there is at least one survivor remaining after fifteen minutes have past by. It's VERY rare for the latter of the two to occur, as the odds are enormously stacked against the survivors, and it only ever really occurs on select maps.

In the video, one of the maps that favor the survivors (truely the best one for winning as them), Jungle, is shown. This video perfectly displays the nature of the game: first, the "apocalypse starts", which basically means two survivors drop dead in their tracks and become the initial zombies. Then the zombies weed out those players who didn't camp with "the pack", as is common on the mod. "Stragglers", as they're known, often fall prey before their camper counterparts, as they are mostly defenseless against the zombies. Eventually all the stragglers have been slaughtered, and there usually is about an even number of zombies to survivors. The remaining survivors began to dig in to their selected camping spot, in this case the cliff, and prepare themselves for a full on assault from the zombies.

The major goal, and truely required for a victory from the survivors, is to get enough points to create a wall of barricades blocking any entrance to the camp spot. Zombies can destroy cades, but it's time consuming and in the case of Jungle puts them directly in harms way.

As you can see in the video, the zombies got around this major roadblock by purchasing the booster known as "Detach a Limb", which gives the zombies a tomahawk. Tomahawks are always one hit kills, but you cannot pick them up once you throw them, so it's always a risky move. Two of the survivors here fell that way. Eventually, through the use of tomahawks and "health spamming" (continuous purchasing of health boosters until a zombie has 500 HP) the zombies will gain access to the camp spot...and the camper. Under usual circumstances this spells the end for all survivors almost immediately, but somehow I managed to hang on for another minute or so before the HOARD got to me.

If you want to check out the mod, they're currently hosting two servers: "/UU/ Zombies US" and "/UU/ Zombies EU". v1.5 is rolling out soon, so I may redo this video in the near future after the update.

All credits for this mod go to their creators, as shown at the end of the video. A special shout out to Kex, for pulling it all together and sticking with the mod, even after three years. For more information about the mod, VIP, and questions for the staff visit http://uu.clanservers.com/forums/.

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Your sensitivity must be hella high, cause honestly you kinda aim bad :o but overall, nice gameplay!

I use a sensitivity of 4.0.

Most of my terrible aiming comes from the lag.

what did you use to record?

Fraps. Set to record at half size, 30 f/s, and it still took three hundred minutes to upload to youTube.

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