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Us admin application


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  • in game name btprime
  • age 15 10/20/98
  • US MASS Boston
  • XUID:110000109811ef5
  • mic:yes
  • I want to be an admin because I want to become a bigger part of the uu community and I want to make sure every one is following the rules including other admins
  • http://steamcommunty.com/profiles/76561198119722741/
  • I have exp as a steam group leader other game clan leader like dcuo and other games
  • US sever please
  • I will help by making sure other admins and players are following the rues and I will help anyone who need help on anything they have questions with
  • I really like the zam mod and I bought mvp I liked it so much, but I saw a lot of people not following rules and admins abusing their power so this is why I am applying :) thank you

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