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Your title is Knifing (or so). Technically you were knifing just a little and shooting too. Not sure I want to watch a video where people shoot. Also, your topic is about knifing, so you should of knifed most of the time and plus I knew by 34 seconds you would of died and you knifed instead of shot. I usually knife people that double or triple team me unless I adapt then it's way easier. All I'm saying and I think that Logan guy is RIGHT, he said what he wanted using his brain.

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That is completely untrue. You kind of made a point, if the facts were there. I knifed 90% of that video so obviously the person did not watch it. Based on that fact and the title which is "Knifing" (whether adding or so was relevant or not) still raises the subject of the knife, which in the video I knifed 8 times, and only killed 1 person with bullets. So either, you were the person who commented that and are now defending it, or you don't like me (which I don't know why)

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