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Plattfuss Moderator Applications#2


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In-Game Name: Plattfuss (Real Name Ben)

Your Steam profile link: http://steamcommunit...561197991796203

Steam ID, XUID: 110000101e11deb

Why do you want to become a moderator on our servers?: Because im play alot of time on Eu Server and when im report sometimes a player , no response from Admins cos( they afk,no time ) or other things they got to do. So thats why i want to be a Moderator.

Do you have any previous experience as admin/moderator? I know some commands yes to see who all is on server but thats all.

Do you have a mic?: ofc yes and can use it

Where are you from?: Germany (Munich)

How old are you?: 28(14.09.1985

Which server do you want to become moderator for?: EU, RUS, US?: Europe and if needed i try it on Us server too i got there high pings but my funfactor is the same :)

If you become a moderator, In what way will you help our servers?: I want to test if new mods Avaible to try them Out and give the hoster/creater my Feedback,Searching for buggs , Check is the funfactor good with the maps and what we can change.If i get a moderator im try to sort out the guys that abuse or broke the rules. Ofc maybe if needed il try to help out to host a server with money too maybe in germany ( frankfurt ) hosted a server that all get good pings on it .

Your notes, tell us more about you: My name is Ben working In a print shop, my hobbies are Poker, cod black ops , Wt, and many other games ( would be to long to listen all here ^^)

So long Ben

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