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Updated UU video


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Now that I have access to my account(s) again, I can repost the video as proof. So judge for yourself.

I had to make some slight structural changes to the audio file, to get it past Youtube's 3rd party recognition software.

I hope you guys enjoy.


Thanks to the ones who supported me. To the ones who didn't, no hard feelings.


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Shame, I will start my reply to your allegation with 2 words "FUCK YOU"!!! Proof that nothing was changed has already been provided to and viewed by the ones who REALLY MATTER on this server. It's no coincidence that you are not included in that group. Have you ever heard of the expression "Let sleeping dogs lie"? Well your failure to do so, just weakened your chance within that group. So with that having been said, let me close with this.....


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Not really burn tho. You did have a let's say "sr71 hack" in your top right corner.All you did in this version is overlap it with a screen recorder. Also why did you delete the whole vid when i posted "are those hacks at "<time>"? Atleast you could've responded mature and just said "it's not true." and then post proof. But instead you made this pointless video.  Also i have never heard of the expression "let sleeping dogs lie" as i am not from the UK or US. And ofcourse you had to edit the video for "legal perposses." just my opinion on all this crap going on in here :).

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Now that I have access to my account(s) again, I can repost the video as proof.

What part of this quote don't you understand? You don't have to attend a UK or US school to understand it.

BTW, the only thing edited was the audio file. I changed the pitch and tone to modify the structure of the song, in an effort to get it past YouTube's 3rd party recognition software. Google the process and hopefully you'll learn all about it.

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