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Ranking Rewards System.

AIR I Echo

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So i have nothing to do while LoL is updating, so i'll just post all of my idea's



5/13/2014/ :

Added More ideas

7/24/2014/ :

Added Reward names!

Added More ideas


You earn tokens everytime you prestige a level.

1T = (1 Token)
2T = (2 Token)
0T = (0 Token)
1HT= (Hat Token)
Hats (once redeemed, you can redeem another hat, doing so will refund your original hat to replace your new one.) so therefore, you will not spend more than one token on hats. New idea. Every time a player earns 50 kills in any game, but as a survivor ONLY he will be granted HALF a HAT token. (Two half tokens will become one.) *only used for hats, and no other prizes other than hats.* (EACH HAT IS 1HT)

"Get Lucky" 10% out of 100 chance to spawn as a VIP for one game only "forever" 1T

"Get Very Lucky" 5% out of 100 chance to spawn as a MVP for one game only "forever" 1T

"Searching a Body" You're FIRST kill will be double the amount of points "forever" 1T

adds 1 (one) extra point for every hit marker. ( can be purchased again to be upgraded to 2) "forever" 1T-2T

"Always Accurate" Adds a grip attachment to EVERY STARTING smg/shotgun. ( can be purchased again for a red dot sight, but doing so, will remove grip.) "forever" 1T

"Barricade Expert #1" The first two barricades placed will be granted 600 extra hp. Two extra hits "forever" 1T

OR (can only purchase ONE of either)

"Barricade Expert #2" Every barricade placed will increase its hp by 50 PER CADE stacking up to 950 "forever" 1T

"Intelligent Tracker" A survivor who has purchased this unlock will have UAV for HIMSELF (if possible) for two minutes from the start of every game for the First infected only. "forever" 1T

"Bullet Return" If purchased, the survivor will be granted 3 bullets (ammunition) every kill he earns, ( will not work with special weapons, example : M&S, Ray gun, RPG, China Lake, Etc.) can be purchased twice to boost the bullet return by two. 6 bullets. "forever" 1T-2T

"Fire Sale" Everything in shop will be discounted by 25 points, can be purchased again to boost the discount to 50. (C4 will be discounted for 35 points) 1T-2T "forever"

"Protective Start" Starts with limb protector, but upon being "hit" you will lose it and will need to repurchase it for 400 points 1T "forever"

"Bandolier" Players will have max ammo at the start of spawn. 1T "forever"

"Sharing IS Caring" If purchased a survivor will gain 5 points for every other survivor who has this also. (for example, 4 people have this reward, everyone in the survivor AND zombie team will gain 20 points, one person will equal 5 points for everyone. so the more people who have this, the more points you will earn. CAN BE PURCHASED IF YOU HAVE PRESTIGE'D AT LEAST 2 TIMES. 0T

"Infected Sickness" If a zombie(s) walk towards a survivor, they're movement speed will be reduced by 2% "forever" 1T

"Scavenger" Upon purchasing scavenger, it will appear in the perks section in the regular shop menu. 650 Points for Scavenger "forever" 1T

"Ultimate Revival" If purchased, it will appear in the perk section in the shop for 1000 points. if the survivor with this perk dies, he will respawn randomly around the map, with the same loudout as you had before you were alive. You will die in one minute, or if you have been killed normally. killing will add seconds to the counter. one normal kill = 2 seconds added to the counter one knife = 3 seconds added to the counter. "forever" 1T

"The Bots are Watching" One bot will be spawned if 5 people have this reward, the bot will spawn no matter how many players they're are. MUST BE PRESTIGE 5 TO UNLOCK THIS! "forever" 0T


"Skilled Knifer" Upon knifing 7 zombies successfully, you will automatically earn the Bowie Knife "forever" 1T


"Everything Helps!" If purchased, They will have a new perk called "Everything helps" that will cost 400 Points. This perk will grant 100 points if hit with a normal limb, and will be granted 25 points for a cade limb. "forever" 1T


"BloodShed" All nearby zombies will have their screen filled with blood (similar to getting severely hurt, it will be the one where he there is a little blood, but not too little. "forever" 1T

gun emblem for every gun "forever" 0T MUST PRESTIGE TWICE

gun clantag for every gun "forever" 0T MUST PRESTIGE ONCE

and the best idea is...


This will be in BOLD RED and will reset EVERYTHING from no prestige and level 1. If clicked accidentally, it will show TWO more options to make sure the user has not pressed it on accident. (This will be free, costing no token.) This should really be added, reason being is because if people run out of tokens, and they really want to try out different ones, they are able to do so if they restart everything. 0T

Ways to Earn extra tokens:
A message will pop up saying that you have completed a challenge and half a token. *will also show in the special shop menu.


earn 45 knife kills. (force field is allowed.) "im allowing this because i dont think that is possible to separate kills from the players actual knife, to his SOG


earn 75 sniper kills. Any sniper is allowed.

:CHALLENGE: Cold blooded Massacre Survivor : ONE TOKEN WILL BE GRANTED IF COMPLETED. get 150 kills as SURVIVOR ONLY in one game. (any weapon allowed) "reason why this is hard is because only on Nuketown is where you can exceed more than 150 kills. which is the kill limit for all maps except Nuketown).


ArmStrong : HALF OF ONE TOKEN WILL BE GRANTED IF COMPLETED. Kill 25 Zombies with a Tomahawk only (in one game)

Infection from Range : HALF OF ONE TOKEN WILL BE GRANTED IF COMPLETED. Infect 3 survivors with limbs. (in one game)

Wrecking ball : HALF OF ONE TOKEN WILL BE GRANTED IF COMPLETED. (name by iamindy) Dolphin dive and break 5 windows (in any game) this is possible. if you cannot do some coding, then there is a ACTUAL mission you can do in the actual game.

Lazy : HALF OF ONE TOKEN WILL BE GRANTED IF COMPLETED. Get kicked as survivor from inactivity.

Marathon Runner : Run 3 miles in one game (survivor only) to be specific, run 190080 inches (the red number next to your map is how far you walked/ran by inches i think)

Donator : ONE TOKEN WILL BE GRANTED IF COMPLETED. donate any amount of cash to UU, purchasing MVP/VIP will complete this quest. (people with MVP or VIP will automatically get a token.)


This will appear soon in the 1.6 update. Will add more ideas if classixz says that he will need more.

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So KEX, any news about this?

No offense Echo, but I doubt KEX is gonna go through the hassle of creating something that's that hard to code as it may take up a lot of time and end up not being that beneficial or even liked. Who knows, I might be wrong though. Nice idea though.

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