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This was an interesting one


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I logged on EU for the first time today, and was met with something like this (I'm paraphrasing, but you get the point):

FLIZARD (don't remember his real name, but it was all caps): CAN VIP PLEASE HELP ME & ROBIN

Me: I'm VIP, so is Anon. What did you need help with?

FLIZARD: Plz give me PPSH

FLIZARD: need ppSh

Me: ...

Me: VIP can't give guns


Anonymous: lol

Me: Again, VIP cannot give guns. If we could, I wouldn't be using this damn Spectre.

FLIZARD: You're using floating DEAGLE!

FLIZARD: YOU liar! Give me PPSH!

Me: lol

FLIZARD: GAMERDOG give me floating deagle and floatint mosin nagant

Me: You do not know what you're talking about. Do you even know what VIP does?

Anonymous: Very Important Person

FLIZARD: Give me poitns

Me: dude shut up

FLIZARD: fuck you gamerdog

Me: lol

Anonymous: lol

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