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i'll be posting a layout later. I'll also mark the new things i think should be added with a "*



Weapon Menu:             -Normal Weapons: - Skorpion, -Enfield, -Stakeout, -l96a1, -pm63, -Spas-12, -ak-47, -AK-47u, -MPL [600]¨*

                                     -Good Weapons: -Famas, -Galil, -AUG, -G18* [900], -RPK, -MP40, -MP40 Bling* [1000], -M60, -PPSH, -PPSH Big Ammo* [1350] 

                                     -Awesome Weapons: -RPG, -China Lake, - 8-Shot [1500] (Law with 8 shots)*, - RayGun, -WunderWaffe, -FlameThrower, -Mustang & Sally


                                     -Attachements: Grip, Extended mag (just all attachements from blops 1 (if this is possible))


                                     - Random Weapon [700]




Special Items:              -  PaP Grenade [500] (Will cost 5k to upgrade gun) (Spawns a pap for 1min 30sec) (if this is possible)*


                                    - RC-XD [300] (Diffrent price as it is high right now and almost no one use it)


                                    - Mortar-Strike [800]*


                                    - The rest will be the same



Perk Menu:                 - Speedo [500], -Ninja [400], -Small Crosshair [150], -Limb protector [300], -Restore limb Protector [500] (will take 5 sec to restor) (2 times only)*



I'll add more later if i have more ideas, also post your idea's in a reply :)!

Edited by ShameOnYou:O
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