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Ideas for the VIP winners


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-Special random weapon starters (AK47-U, MPL, Stakeout, and MP5K) (Maybe with attachments?)

-1 Tomahawk

-Starts with 100 PTS

-Kar-98k scope? Or stay at M40A3?

-Fast reload

-New Headicon?

-Camera spike?

- M1911 With upgraded iron sight

-Get access to UU class

-VIP cades

And that's all my ideas i have so far, if you got anymore things to add, please reply and I'll see if it's good or not, WE are adding these ideas for our VIP winners tomorrow! Congrats VIP winners for winning the VIP lottery also, hope you enjoy your VIP stuff once we add them tomorrow.

Our VIP winners are

1.) DCC | LoOk

2.) XX-Choas-XX

3.) Anonymous

4.) Rock Bottom

5.) ryman2084

6.) dead_dude3

7.) The_Kill_Order

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