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In-Game Name: De/MindBlast~

Steam ID, XUID: 110000104d8c12e

Why do you want to become a Admin/Moderator on our server(s)?: I was in the clan NxT for some time but then the clan just dibanned.... :( But I found out later that they just created a new

Website and a clan name so I want to help out with this new clan and the server(s) Mod ! I Obey EACH and EVERY Rule since I played ! I will always agree with the admins higher than me ! :)

I will accept anything from the Admins with higher honor than me ! :) I hopefully can help a lot!

Do you have any previous experience as Admin/Moderator?: Yes, with some clans but nothing as big as this but I think I can do this job !

Do you have a mic?: YES biggrin.png

Where are you from?: The Dalles,OR

How old are you?: ( please post your full birth ) 7/1/97

What server do you want to become moderator for?: US or EU?: US! Mostly because I cant understand RUSSAINS and there is a lot ohmy.png ! I love the EU THOUGH <3333

If you became a moderator, In what way will you help our servers?: If I became a moderator I would be really grateful! biggrin.png I would be a good Admin/Modertor on the servers! I would play a lot ! Keep things undercontrol ! Be awezzzzommmmee ! :D

( By the way if I spelt anything WRONG Sorry xP )

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