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Me and anonymous c:


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Sunday, July 14, 2013

™♫Anonymous♫™: hey

™♫Anonymous♫™: can i ask u something

De/MindBlast~: yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

De/MindBlast~: .? c:

™♫Anonymous♫™: when do i get my mod class

™♫Anonymous♫™: ._.

™♫Anonymous♫™: been like 3-4 weeks

De/MindBlast~: Lol haha what do you have now?c?

™♫Anonymous♫™: now

™♫Anonymous♫™: VIP++

™♫Anonymous♫™: and a MOD headicon

™♫Anonymous♫™: LOL

De/MindBlast~: Lol dude I only have a deagle and A f**** MP5 xD

™♫Anonymous♫™: o.O

De/MindBlast~: thats the mod class xD

™♫Anonymous♫™: seriously?

™♫Anonymous♫™: i thought it's MPL grip

™♫Anonymous♫™: and deagle

™♫Anonymous♫™: and M40A3

De/MindBlast~: Oh that shit i ment

De/MindBlast~: i only could think of that cx

™♫Anonymous♫™: so

™♫Anonymous♫™: when do i get

™♫Anonymous♫™: me want n0w

De/MindBlast~: Get what?

™♫Anonymous♫™: MOD class

De/MindBlast~: I don't understand you cx

De/MindBlast~: and Oh MOD class umm whenever Kexx feel s like it c:

™♫Anonymous♫™: u serious

™♫Anonymous♫™: KEX be a trollz0r

De/MindBlast~: Yea cuz kexx is cool like that

De/MindBlast~: c:

De/MindBlast~: I wuv him sexually

™♫Anonymous♫™: he haven't gave me MOD class for 4 weeks now

De/MindBlast~: mmm he has a good cock

De/MindBlast~: he sent me a pic

De/MindBlast~: wanna see

™♫Anonymous♫™: no

™♫Anonymous♫™: not gay

™♫Anonymous♫™: like u

De/MindBlast~: http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&site=imghp&tbm=isch&source=hp&biw=1536&bih=733&q=cock+chicken&oq=cock+chicken&gs_l=img.3...1165.3306.0.3523.

De/MindBlast~: jus look cx

De/MindBlast~: its amazing

™♫Anonymous♫™: no

™♫Anonymous♫™: gay as fuck

De/MindBlast~: trust me look :c

De/MindBlast~: XDD You will luv me after this cx

™♫Anonymous♫™: ...

De/MindBlast~: Jus look seriosly jus a sec -,-

De/MindBlast~: Did you see xDDDD

™♫Anonymous♫™: yes

De/MindBlast~: xDDD hahah great cock right xDDDD

De/MindBlast~: ahahahhaah

™♫Anonymous♫™: i was joking

™♫Anonymous♫™: i didn't look

™♫Anonymous♫™: i just said that

De/MindBlast~: oh wow

™♫Anonymous♫™: so i know what it is

De/MindBlast~: loooook

™♫Anonymous♫™: no

™♫Anonymous♫™: i know what it is now.

De/MindBlast~: Its a cock

De/MindBlast~: What is it?

™♫Anonymous♫™: not gay

™♫Anonymous♫™: u just said it

™♫Anonymous♫™: it's a c0ck

™♫Anonymous♫™: ghay as fuc0k

De/MindBlast~: Its a chicken -,-

De/MindBlast~: u ahve a dirty mind ewweeee

De/MindBlast~: Have*

De/MindBlast~: xDDDDD

™♫Anonymous♫™: your immature


™♫Anonymous♫™: that's one thing.

De/MindBlast~: cx Griggs did it too xD

De/MindBlast~: Lol so hes imatture too

De/MindBlast~: xD

De/MindBlast~: Hahahha I am telling mommy

De/MindBlast~: cx

De/MindBlast~: bai

HUEHUEHUE I like that pic c:

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