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But really though, I don't know what to say. Just the fact that I have reached a 1,000 posts is kind of crazy to me, heck, I thought it was amazing when I got into the triple digits, but now I'm in the quadruple ones. :O


I guess I'll take this opportunity to express what I'm most grateful for and what I'd like to see in the future of this community.


I am grateful to the community, most of all. A mod is a mod, but the people that play it are what make it great and fun to play. I'd rather play a shitty mod (not saying that ZAM is a shitty mod) with tons of players rather than to sit alone on a somewhat cooler mod with either no players or generally no fun or interesting players. If the players are fun to be around, you know that I will be there. I still can't believe that we managed to pull so far forward from scratch in so little time. Back in the day when NxT' ran UZM (NxT' is the former clan-name for UU and UZM is the former mod name for ZAM), I had no clue how it would work out, but I had high hopes and intentions to both seek and give help as best possible. I don't want to take any credit for what has happened with the mod throughout its' growth period, because that lies on the community's shoulders. I am more than happy to do my part as a devoted and regular player to supply ideas, report bugs/errors/glitches/players and far beyond that, and I am more than happy to play the mod on a daily basis.


I am grateful to Classixz for putting in the time and effort to design something so simple, yet so addictive each and every day that follows. I know me and him have had our ups and downs, and, like with everyone and everything, we still most likely will, but everything that happens between us can be resolved with ease. I'm also grateful for the ammount of shizznix Classixz has put up with me because I can't look back and not laugh at so many messed up moments we've shared. Keep up the amazing work Kexiboy. :)


I am grateful to each and every staff member for the time and effort they've put in to secure the servers as best as possible. It can always be even better (obviously), but it's still credible and mention-worthy, nontheless. So, thank you everyone for that.


I am grateful to everyone who has supported the mod in any way, anything from sharing simple ideas to donating any sum of money. Anything that keeps the mod stable and in some level of growth is awesome and it should not be taken for granted.


Special thanks to these following people for giving me some of the funnest and fondest UZM/ZAM memories (the order of appearance is random):

 - Classixz

 - Griggz0r

 - MyXa

 - Anonymous

 - Dusty

 - Brisi

 - mudder_fragger

 - Braby*

 - KinG

 - Wast

 - Vector

 - iamindy33

 - jackmonkeybomb

 - KickArse

 - Method Man


Furthermore, I can only hope that we keep growing as a community altogether more and more, because only better and better things can await us then. Best of luck to anyone with whatever they are doing regarding the community or mod in any sense and have fun playing the mod for days to come, and making it all the funner for us all. :)



The one and only - Ramsy.

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Wow! Congratz with hitting 1.000post! Heh, I almost hit 500posts! :D I'm happy that I could play and have some fun times with You Ramsy! I had fun talking with You, even tho my english is alot shittier than typing, and somehow hard to hear You... (I hope that made any sense...) But enough about me.


You have been a great help to everyone on ZAM, We all are happy to know You!


BriziE's speech to Ramsy:


Ramsy. You're a really GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD friend for me on the servers! You helped me to reach the point I'm at now. But lets start from the beginning.

First time I met You was in-game. (I think it was Jungle.) We didnt talk to each other, and didnt camp the same places. After I died I started spamming the server "Fucking noobs why do everyone hack!?" You gave me an answer "Noone is hacking, only me." (Or something like that.) I got so pissed off, that I left. That was also the first ban I ever got for rage quitting. After 2days the ban got expired, and I started playing again. I added Echo, and asked him where I apply to join UU. He guided me through everything, and I finnally made an application. You gave me this answer: 


I) Cannot follow the proper clan application template.

II) Has to use names very similar to others' names (example: DaCowSaysMoo = DaCowSaysMUH). And yes, I've checked your Steam aliases.
III) Overall attitude is kiddy and cannot take anything serious.
IV) Web-site noobie. Registers and applies first.
V) Makes 2 applications, just to rush himself into the clan.




I made two applications, even tho the second one was kinda of a fail. But Then You kinda gave me the same answer again. So I said fuck it. I was mad and sad at the same time. Then I didnt do anything on the website, or the servers.  When I started to play again, I met ZenekSashy. We got to be good friends on the servers. *1month later* I got to be a good knifer, and applied for UU-K. I got alot of Positive comments, and You said neutral (No hard feelings for that ) But then MyXa ruined my dream, by giving me the cold shoulder. That's when I realized what I have to do. Become alot more friendlier, and become friends with most of the players. So I did it. I became one of the most known players on ZAM. That's also when I wanted to become friends with You, Ramsy. But I didnt know how to do it... So I got active on the website, and tried that way. After alot of waiting, I got to chat with You. We started playing a little bit together, and some more chatting. I got more and more friends om ZAM, and also admins. There I made my MOD application. I got alot of positive and "love" from people. That's that one day me and Ramsy actully voice chatted. It kinda felt wierd, because me and Ramsy didnt have anything to talk about. But after we started to talk more often, we actully got something to talk about. 


Now we are UU-K mates and good friends (in my opinion) Well... Now I dont really know what to say anymore.... Only Great job, and Thank You for letting me into your "heart" (Being friends with You.)




That was BriziE's speech. I understand if You dont really understood the most of it. Because I'm kinda in a rush right now. But I really hope You understood anything of that I said! :D  Thank You for all, Ramsy. Best of luck to You!

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:3 ramseh


ima just give my little heart warmed speech about you kk.


When i use to play (that other server)  i was just a noob with jack trying to camp and on nuketown trying to get enough money for asteakout and turtle shell ike good little non vips, then one day....this super awesome player/admin friended me and i was like OMG OMGOMG.  After that we talked in groupchats and i met other friends like king and you really showed me how to play the mod, like suiciding when the time runs down so i wasn't a zombie eeevvverrry game:D and helped me become the player i am today and even the admin, how happy i can make some noob by just doing the littlest thiing.  So im happy for you for well 100post but now you resurrected (that other server) which you have been trying to do for a long time glad to see you like and thanks for that 1 friend request because without that me and jack probably wouldnt have been playing thse mods and met the people i have<3xoxoxo



but UU must beat (that other server);)

And yet you won't accept noobs to your friends list. :/

Anyways, Ramsy. Keep up the good work. :-)

This isn't a goodbye speech, right?

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This isn't a goodbye speech, right?

Nah, I'm still here. :P



Was I not fun for you Ramsy? :(

I couldn't remember absolutely everyone I ever played with, sawry. :/



It seems like Ramsy isn't fond with me and you.

I will put this in a very simple way for you, ViiRuS. At first, I hated you. And now, you're one of my closer friends and I'd hate to see our friendship break apart.

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