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My first post for Black ops 2. I would like to ask you guys, (What prestige are you?) I'm 1st Prestige since I accidently didn't know what Fresh restart did, so I did it. I feel so ashamed of myself. (What do you play on it?) PC, Xbox 360, PS3. I mostly play black ops 2 on Xbox 360, so if there is anyone who would like to play with me, Steam me I guess, or do something else. I also wanted to know, (What is your favorite thing to do in Black ops 2?) Multiplayer, or Zombies. My favorite thing to do is play zombies on Grief, and I'm not really a guy who likes to do easter eggs since they take too long. I did an easter egg once on call of the dead on black ops, and it got boring. I also did an easter egg on Black ops 2, but took about 2 hours, so I quitted in the middle of it. There ya go people I hate easter eggs, when I can use the other time to play Multiplayer. Okay time to talk about Multiplayer, where I Fresh restarted when I never knew what it was until I used it. Well to tell you guys I like to play search and destroy, and make new friends on there, and enjoy with them every minute of it. I feel so mad at treyarch at what they did with their prestige shop. Okay guys have a fine day, and hope you like my post.

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Guest mordecai

Responding to gamer's message: I played it on free weekend and hated it with a burning passion. No servers? No mod support? No buy.

I bought the game not knowing it had no dedicated servers or MOD (would be great if they at least had dedicated servers). Because of that, Black ops 2 is good but not good enough. Does MW3 have dedicate/mod support?

I hope the upcoming COD: Ghost goes back to its traditional root.

FUCK YOU Treyarch! Bring back dedicated servers and MOD support so that the great developers of ZAM can make us happy.

And in response to Quickz. After 4-5 months, got bored of multiplayer and zombie. I played ZAM so much that all i want to do in multiplayer is use a knife (LOL). As for zombies, theres barely anybody on it (playing it on the PC). NO ONE plays COD zombies on PC.

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got banned on xbox 360 for modding mw3 mw2 cod4 and other games but i dont give a shit >:D but i got console banned so i have black ops 2 on my computer. rank 30 no prestiege but i cant freaking stand noobs on there so i dont play often just on black ops 1 on UU Zombies server :D

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