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question about recording


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hi i want to da a gameplay too, but i dont know if u need a youtube channel first to do this ...

is there a programm or with what do you record (cinema) ?

do you have a worse ping if you record ?



sorry i am not well versed in this 


greeting BLOODY

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Fraps is always a good choise, some grafics card software let you record with them, just search on google/youtube on "How to record your screen" or something. Your ping won't change, only your FPS (Frames per second) to record without lag you need a stable FPS over 30.

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xd sorry wast havent seen your post about this 




damn in match i have a much higher ping than without recording .:(

how to stable the fps over 30 ?

no i dont think i make a yt channel but can i post it here without channel ?

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